QUBO Grow Kits: Grow your own herb garden from a box!

One true #tita hobby is gardening and although I have a relatively successful cacti and succulent garden, I wanted to #tita it up a notch. What better way to do this? Grow a herb garden, of course!

Now, as daunting as that may sound, the complete opposite is actually true. These days, you can grow your mini garden straight from a box all thanks to Qubo.


The local brand sells DIY grow kits that will make your herb garden dreams come true. From Arugula to Peppermint, Basil to Cilantro, they have it. Each box contains everything you’ll ever need for your plants to grow and thrive – this includes detailed instructions and a guarantee the seeds will germinate or you can exchange them for new ones.

Here’s what’s inside the kit and an attempt at setting one up:

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QUBO is coined from “AKO”, and the Filipino nursery rhyme “Bahay kuBO” wherein the list of common filipino vegetables are sung. QUBO focuses on the enhancing the person’s personal gardening experience while promoting the “Grow Your Own Food” movement.

QUBO understands that the biggest challenge that hinders people from gardening are the worries and anxieties that come with growing a plant. QUBO gives particular emphasis on the ease of successful gardening to make the experience enjoyable, and more importantly, a personal one.


So, I had all those grow kits but the real question is: Will they actually grow? Again, I have never dealt with plants that are not cacti (mostly because cacti are very low maintenance) so I wasn’t very optimistic but surprisingly, the plants sprouted!

A few weeks later and I had a thriving mini garden! No need to go to the grocery for fresh herbs!


See? Gardening isn’t that hard. If I can so it, you can, too!

When In Manila and looking to grow your own herb garden, check our QUBO Grow Kits.



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