Q&Q SmileSolar Watch: Solar Powered Battery-Free Watches Available in Manila!

When In Manila, graduation is almost near and if you are looking for functional gifts to give to your loved ones on their graduation day, or any other occasion, you might want to consider giving them a watch! Not just an ordinary watch, a Q&Q SmileSolar Watch! 

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Q&Q SmileSolar Watches

Sharing to you 5 reasons why Q&Q SmileSolar is good gift for any occasion! 

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5. They are SOLAR POWERED-no battery changing required!

Meaning, Q&Q SmileSolar Watches do not need batteries to work. They use light converted to energy to function! Which only means, they will always work. Upon first charging, Q&Q SmileSolar watches will work up to 3 and a half months then you just expose it to sunlight and they get recharged again. Easy peasy!

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4. They have Funky and Cute designs! 

Check out all the designs they have, colorful, fun and just HAPPY! If you are the classy type, Q&Q SmileSolar watch also comes in plain whites and black!



3. They do not have age restrictions!

Q&Q SmileSolar Watches can be worn by any person at any age group, you just have to choose the perfect color and design that will fit you. As for me, this funky stripes with pink strap suits me perfectly!

QQ Smile Solar Watch 1


2. They are affordable.

For the price of Php1399.00 you get to own a funky Solar-powered, water resistant Q&Q SmileSolar watch! It is not to expensive to buy for someone special too!

QQ Smile Solar Watch 3


1. You help kids in Africa for every watch you buy.

Sharing is caring! Just so you know, for every purchase of a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion is to be donated to Table for Two, a non-profit organization that delivers school meals to children in Africa and Asia. 

QQ Smile Solar Watch


Q&Q SmileSolar watch was also featured in Katy Perry’s “Birthday” Music Video!

Watch Specs: 

Q&Q SmileSolar Series logo

Case Size: 40.00mm
Case thickness: 12.50mm
Case Material: ABS Resin(contains Recycled ABS Resin)
Strap Material: Polyurethane Resin(contains Recycled Polyurethane Resin)
Glass: Acrylic Resin
Movement Type: MIYOTA Cal.2085
(Smile Solar Series/Operates 3.5months after fully charged)
Water Resist: 5 BAR

Strap Material:
(For the Models RP00J001Y – RP00J008Y) – Polyurethane Resin (containsRecycled Polyurethane Resin) (Front & Back)
(For the Models RP00J009Y – RP00J015Y) – Recycled PET fabric (Front) / Polyurethane Resin (Back)
(For the Model RP00J016Y) (Katy Perry Special Edition) – Polyurethane Resin (contains Recycled Polyurethane Resin) (Front & Back)

* * * 


Q&Q SmileSolar Watches can be purchased at Shop 1717. Previously named Watches and More, Shop 1717 started out with two young entrepreneurs wanted to start an online shop selling watches and now even other products. The number 1717 is the combination of the birthdays of the founders. 

With the slogan “Always Authentic, Always On Style”, Shop 1717 assures its customers that they offer the best deal. Other brands they carry are Q&Q Japan Brand, Q&Q Attractive, Q&Q SmileSolar Series, Basic – can be customized for corporate companies, Miykon, Joyce Watches, Swissmaster, Obaku Denmark, Avalanche, Fontenay, Alain Frederi, Chronosports.


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When In Manila, get yourself or your loved one a Q&Q SmileSolar Watch now! And be sure sure to get them at Shop 1717 for the best deal! 



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