PWR Live RE5PETO Poster

Get ready for Year 5 of Philippine Wrestling Revolution as it kicks off its 5th season with PWR LIVE: RE5PETO. Just a month after Wrevolution X 2018, the biggest pro-wrestling event in the country, PWR returns to 500 Shaw Events Pavilion in Mandaluyong City on June 24, at 2PM, to give the Revo-nation another afternoon of hard-hitting, high-flying, and death-defying wrestling only PWR can give!

This show is definitely one to not miss! Here are the matches you can look forward to at PWR LIVE: RE5PETO.

3 STAGES OF DEATH, PHX CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Ken Warren (c) vs. Mike Madrigal

In a title rematch never before mounted on Philippine soil, the 2-time PHX Champion Ken Warren defends his gold against the dangerous Mike Madrigal in a 3 Stages of Death Match. This match will decide once and for all who between the Social Media Sinister and the Walking Death is worthy to hold on to the PHX Championship and finally put an end to a fabled rivalry that spanned almost a full year.

The 3 Stages of Death Match is a 2-out-of-3 falls match and is divided into three stages:

(1) STAGE 1: STANDARD SINGLES MATCH – The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. The winner of this stage bags a point and inches his way to the next stage.

(2) STAGE 2: NO DISQUALIFICATIONS – No DQs and no count-outs. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. Contestants can get crafty and creative with how they will inflict pain on each other. Should one of the contestants take this round and get a consecutive point to complete the 2-out-of-3 falls stipulation, the match ends here and so he wins the PHX Championship.

(3) STAGE 3: LAST MAN STANDING – The clincher, should contestants get one fall or submission each after the first two stages. The only way to win this stage is for one to inflict so much pain on his opponent, that he is unable to get up before the official’s 10-count. The last man standing is crowned PHX Champion.

So who’s it going to be making it out alive as PHX Champion: Ken Warren or Mike Madrigal?


PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Ralph Imabayashi (c) vs. Zayden Trudeau

Both these men had an incredible night at Wrevolution X 2018. Zayden Trudeau defeated Jake De Leon in a match that got the entire Revo-nation and the Internet talking, taking the coveted match of the night according to the PWR faithful. On the other hand, PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi left the Philippine wrestling community’s jaws hanging from their sockets as he shocked everyone as he forced his rival Miguel Rosales into early retirement from Philippine Wrestling in a historic Career vs. Title Match. With both these men at the top of their games, it is only fitting that they kick off Season 5 of Philippine Wrestling Revolution with a PWR Championship Match that will surely be one that we will all be talking about for years to come. Will we be welcoming a new Kampeon ng Pilipinas at the end of PWR LIVE: RE5PETO?


With Miguel Rosales retired and out of the PWR Championship contendership picture, the #1 Contender’s spot is now open for those hungry enough to make it to the top of the PWR food chain and get a shot at Ralph Imabayashi’s PWR Championship. To determine the #1 Contender for Kampeon ng Pilipinas, 8 contestants must make it to the top of the bracket match-ups. 4 preliminary match-ups will take place at PWR LIVE: RE5PETO.


Former 2-time PWR Champion Jake De Leon vs. All Out War Champion Alexander Belmonte III


Former PHX Champion Main Maxx vs. PWR Tag Team Champion Crystal


Former PWR Champion and current PWR Tag Team Champion John Sebastian vs. Former All Out War Champion The Apocalypse


Former PWR Champion Chris Panzer vs. Former All Out War Champion Vlad Sinnsyk

The semi-finals of the PWR Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament will take place at the live show following PWR LIVE: RE5PETO.



It doesn’t get any bigger than this! 10 contestants, 5 tag teams, all slug it out in a #1 Contenders Battle Royal for a shot at the PWR Tag Team Titles currently being held by John Sebastian and Crystal.

Entering the Tag Team Battle Royal are the following:

THE NAUGHTY BOYS Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux

PUNK DOLLS Martivo and Robynn

THE YOLO TWINS Yohann Ollores and Logan Ollores

KAKAIBROS Kh3ndrick and Mh4rckie

McKata & Brad Cruz

PLUS! A 3-on-3 tag match between the team of Dax Xaviera, QUATRO, and SANDATA, vs. the team of Bolt, Vintendo, and Jan Evander, PwD.

AND Rederick Mahaba in action!


METHOD 1: Buy your physical tickets at Kramer: Toy Warden, Tavern at the Crossroads in Cubao Expo, or Pauline’s Printing.

METHOD 2: Buy your tickets online from, hassle-free with hundreds of payment options, via this link:

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– Earlybird Tickets (until June 23rd) – P350 each

– Barkada Bundle (until June 23rd) – P999 for 3 tickets

– Regular Tickets (June 24th, at the venue) – P400 each

With so many ways to purchase tickets, all you have to do is pick one and we’ll see you on June 24th, 2PM, at the 500 Shaw Events Pavilion for PWR LIVE: RE5PETO.