PWR Live: PWR Starts 2016 with a Sunday Night Slam!

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) will begin 2016 with a bang, on a Sunday Night!



Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

For the first time in PWR history, PWR Live will be held on a Sunday night, January 31, 2016. This is history in the making for the local Philippine Pro Wrestling promotion that usually holds its events on a Saturday night. One of the reasons for the move was to have a night where the whole family would enjoy some hard hitting PWR action. But what IS in store for us in the first PWR Live for 2016?


PWR Renaissance

The Return of Ken Warren

PWR PHX Champion Ken Warren was notably absent during PWR Terminus 2015 due to his #KWsUSAHolidayTour. In the wake of such, there’s a lot on the minds of the Revo-nation as to what he has in store for them and the rest of the PWR wrestlers. Whatever it is, expect Ken Warren to make a big impression (reach, likes, favorites, retweets, shares, etc) when he returns to the PWR ring.



Product Orientation c/o The Network

To all the open-minded people of the world, PWR Live will feature the FIRST EVER Product Orientation of James “Idol” Martinez and the rest of his downlines from The Network. We had the pleasure to have an exclusive interview with the Idol himself, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that he will surely make a show of this product orientation. Ever since the debut of The Network, we have been introduced to the following products such as the Idol Supplements and the PoWeR Drink. Whatever product/s that The Network will debut this time, there’s no doubt that it will be EFFECTIVE!


PWR Renaissance

Peter Versoza vs Bombay Suarez

Peter Versoza pulled off a huge upset on Terminus after eliminating Bombay Suarez. The B*tch Killer, one of PWR’s top dogs, is looking for a chance of retribution against the former one-half of Dual Shock. Will Bombay get redemption and give Versoza one kick of the day? Or will Peter Versoza start 2016 with a victory over PWR’s heart and soul and show that his win against him last year wasn’t a fluke? There’s no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated matches for PWR Live.


PWR-Terminus-All-Out-War-John Sebastian

Mark D. Manalo vs John Sebastian

Mark D. Manalo was humiliated and shaved by the Royal Flush’s new “Ace (in the) Hole” John Sebastian on Terminus and the Promdi wants some revenge. At the latter half of last year, Mark D. Manalo has been on the losing end against the likes of The Apocalypse and the former PWR Champion Bryan Leo. Will 2016 be his ‘comeback’ year or will John Sebastian add one more to the loss column of Mark D. Manalo?



Chris Panzer vs Joey Bax

Chris Panzer ended 2015 with a big win over Miguel Rosales and would go on to represent PWR and the Philippines for the MyPW South East Asian Championship at Malaysia. After the defeat of his Fighters 4 Hire mate Miguel Rosales, Joey Bax is primed to get some sweet revenge on Chris Panzer himself. Will Chris Panzer steamroll over another F4H member with the Panzerschreck or will Joey Bax successfully deliver The Hit on the leader of the Panzer Army?


The Classical Question: Will Bryan Leo invoke his Rematch Clause?

After his defeat against the current PWR Champion, “Classical” Bryan Leo has a big decision to make at PWR Live. Will he cash in his rematch for the PWR Championship? If so, when will he use it? We will find out on PWR Live!


The Ralph Imabayashi Championship Celebration

Finally, the newly crowned PWR Champion will have a celebration at PWR Live. Ralph Imabayashi, one of PWR’s 2015 feel good stories, went against all odds and won the biggest prize in PWR by defeating Bryan Leo on Terminus. PWR Live will feature his title celebration but will it be cut short by Leo and the Flush or will another entity rain on Ralph’s parade?


All of these questions and more will be answered on January 31st as PWR goes…LIVE! Catch PWR Live 2016 on Sunday night, January 31, 2016, at the iACADEMY Auditorium.Check out the PWR FB Page for updates of this event.

PWR Photos by: Hub Pacheco