PWR Live: Bagong Yugto – A Literal New Chapter for PWR to Start 2017


PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-crystalidol1Crystal clotheslines Idol

Crystal vs James “Idol” Martinez

James “Idol” Martinez was looking to give The Network a 3-0 sweep for the night as he took on Crystal. He had to do it on his own as the referee immediately ejected Guinto and Belmonte III before the match started. Idol used his ring smarts to gain the upperhand on the ever resilient Crystal at the start of the match, entrapping her at the ring corners and keeping himself out of his reach. Idol even did his trademark ‘triangle slap’ on the back of Crystal. Crystal would not be overpowered by Idol as she fought back with some powerful strikes and a couple of vertical suplexes on her opponent. Idol tried to take back control of the match, but Crystal stopped it with her signature crotchplex.


James “Idol” Martinez delivered a cheap shot at Crystal and at the end attempted his finishing move, the Pay In. Crystal saw that move coming, however, and reversed it into her “Eat Defeat” finishing maneuver. Crystal broke The Network’s PWR Live: Bagong Yugto win streak as he pinned Idol for the 1-2-3.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-SANDATApoc1The Apocalypse (left) and SANDATA (right) do a staredown


The Apocalypse vs SANDATA

In what I dare say one of the best matches of the night, two of PWR’s masked men tangled in the squared circle for supremacy. Both men traded punches and kicks at the start to try and get the upperhand. SANDATA would fall prey to The Apocalypse’s brutal assault as the latter hit a hard knee-smash across his arm. Apocalypse would prey on SANDATA’s prone arm throughout the match, attacking it any way he could. SANDATA fought back and would also target one of Apocalypse’s legs to set him up for his ankle lock. SANDATA would try to work on weakening Apocalypse’s legs but at the same time tried to deliver some of his other arsenals. SANDATA kicked the living daylights out of the Apocalypse with his hard kicks to the chest cavity of his opponent and delivered a couple of his patented ‘pabasag’ hurracanrana, with one coming off the top rope.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-SANDATApoc3SANDATA delivers his signature kicks


Even though SANDATA fought tooth and nail to try and make Apocalypse tap out to his ankle lock, PWR’s masked mauler proved too much for him at the end. The Apocalypse blocked another ankle lock attempt from SANDATA before he ended things with the Death Bell. The Apocalypse defeated SANDATA in this spirited bout and looked poised to be one of the top contenders for the PWR Championship. This bout was match of the night material and the fans chanting “Fight Forever” during the match was a sign of that.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-yolof4h-1The YOLO Twins deliver a double chop across Rosales’ chest

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-yolof4h-2Welcome to “Barangay Suplex”!!!

The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan) vs The Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales)

The hometown boys, Yohann and Logan Ollores, had their hands full against Joey and Migs of Fighters 4 Hire. The Ollores twins took control of the match early, showing their amazing chemistry and teamwork to get the upperhand on the hardened ring veterans. They would use their amazing arsenal of double team maneuvers (double elbow drops and double basement dropkicks) and underhanded tactics to isolate Joey Bax for most of the matchup. The Fighters 4 Hire, however, had a comeback moment once Joey Bax made it to his corner and tagged out to a very fired up Miguel Rosales.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-yolof4h-3YOLO Twins deliver the Two Night Stand on Bax


Rosales burst out of the seams and sent both twins to “Barangay Suplex” by dishing out German Suplexes to both Logan and Yohann. Bax is tagged in and tried to finish things off, but the YOLO twins took out Rosales to the outside and isolated him yet again. Bax broke up the Two Night Stand attempt of the Twins. He tried to reach out to his corner, but Rosales was gone due to the attack from Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk. Joey Bax was all alone and the YOLO Twins finished him off with a Double Superkick and the Two Night Stand.


PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-sebastianJohn Sebastian

For the PWR Championship:John Sebastian © vs Jake De Leon

“The Senyorito” looked to get the PWR Championship back against the PWR Champion and self-proclaimed “Wrestling Lord and Savior”, John Sebastian. Both men delivered a wrestling clinic at the start of the match. JDL tried to finish the match early when he attempted an Alipin Drop. The Champion avoided the finisher and retreated outside soon enough. JDL chased him outside and would punish him by smashing Sebastian’s arm on the ring steps, the ring post, and anywhere else. JDL tried his best to make the champion tap by attempting the “Inasal Lock” (chicken wing) on John Sebastian.


PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-sebastianjdl2JDL hits the payroll

John Sebastian would lock JDL in a crossface and a couple of headlocks to gain the advantage over his challenger. At one point it seemed like the champion would tap out as he was trapped in a cross-arm breaker by JDL. John Sebastian wisely put his foot on the ropes to break said submission hold. The PWR Champion connected with the FU on JDL but JDL kicked out at 2. JDL fought back and unleashed most of his offensive arsenal on Sebastian as he connected with the “Payroll” (rolling senton splash) and a 180° Turning Splash from the top rope. JDL went for the Alipin Drop once more, but Sebastian blocked the attempt. JDL would again try to put the Inasal Lock on Sebastian, but got dropped on his head by the champion.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-sebastianjdl3JDL with the Inasal Lock!

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-sebastianjdl4Apocalypse chokes JDL

Sebastian tried to deliver the “Killshot” on JDL, but he missed and was driven to the mat by JDL’s Alipin Drop for the near fall. JDL yet again went for the Inasal Lock but Sebastian sneaked in a low blow while he distracted the referee. Sebastian connected with his finisher, the killshot, but JDL kicked out! JDL delivered a superkick to the arm of Sebastian before he locked in the Inasal Lock. Before Sebastian would tap out, however, the Apocalypse interfered and attacked both JDL and John Sebastian. He laid waste to both men, sending them to the mat with respective Death Bells as the match drew to a no-contest. The show ended with The Apocalypse displaying his intention to the crowd by clutching the PWR Championship belt before he laid it on the nearly lifeless body of the PWR Champ.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-apoc-beltThe Apocalypse with the PWR Belt

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-endingJohn Sebastian, laid out after the Apocalypse’s assault

PWR Live: Bagong Yugto showcased the best of what PWR has to offer: hard-hitting, awe-inspiring, and non-stop wrestling action. We would like to thank the hard working men and women of PWR for inviting us to this event. We at are here to support you in your quest to #SaveFilipinoWrestling!!!

Photos by: Hub Pacheco

PWR Live: Bagong Yugto Quick Results:

Pre-Show Match: Bombay Suarez def. Dax Xaviera via pinfall

Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk def. The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) via pinfall

Alexander Belmonte III def. Rederick Mahaba via pinfall

Chris Panzer def. Ken Warren via pinfall

Chino Guinto def. Ralph Imabayashi via pinfall

PHX Championship Match: Peter Versoza def. Main Maxx © via pinfall to become the new PWR PHX Champion

Crystal def. James “Idol” Martinez via pinfall

The Apocalypse def. SANDATA via pinfall

The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan) def. The Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) via pinfall

For the PWR Championship: John Sebastian © vs Jake De Leon ended in a no-contest. John Sebastian retains the belt.