PsyAD: Psychology of Advertising


No1se (ADPR 4-1s), a class of 4th year students in the Department of Advertising and Public relations under the College of Communications atthe Polytechnic University of the Philippines, will be handling a seminar dubbed, “PsyAD: Psychology of Advertising”, with its tagline, ”What’s in your mind?”


PsyAD: Psychology of Advertising”  aims to provide Advertising students a deep understanding of the consumer’s mind, to effectively maximize it in developing strategies, and to highlight its benefits by providing examples of successful campaigns with good analysis of the consumer’s mind.


PsyAD: Psychology of Advertising is one of the seminars included in the 12th Student Advertising Congress entitled “ADvenue: The Spot is Right Here”, which will be held at Brentwood Apartelle, Baguio City on October 18-22, 2013.


PsyAD: Psychology of Advertising “What’s in your mind?”Bibigyanglinaw on October 19, 2013.


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PsyAD: Psychology of Advertising