PSA: Some Dogs From ‘BARKS’ Tested Positive In Highly Contagious Virus

Did you buy puppies from BARKS/Bark Cages’ booth at Fairview Terraces?

If you did (or if you know someone who did), then please bring the dogs you just bought to the veterinary clinic or veterinarian as soon as you can because they might be infected, too.

On a Facebook post a few hours ago, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) confirmed that some buyers from BARKS approached them for help as their dogs got diagnosed with canine distemper.

Canine distemper is a virus that affects and attacks a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system. It is highly contagious, often fatal, and no cure for it has been found yet. Thus, if you have other animals in your house that interacted with the dogs from BARKS, it’s better to have them checked, as well.

Here’s the full post:

“Some people who bought puppies and dogs at BARK in Ayala Fairview Terraces last week have approached PAWS for help as the animals tested positive for canine distemper – a highly deadly and contagious disease in dogs. As you can see from the photo taken at ground floor Ayala Fairview Terraces, the cages of these dogs were placed so close together and some puppies were placed inside a single cage so there is a high probability that many of these dogs have been infected. We urge all buyers to take the necessary precautions by taking the dog they have bought to the veterinarian immediately.

For any assistance, please email your contact information and or call 4751688 (until 6pm today).

PAWS is not sure if BARK is a duly-registered legal entity because Ayala Fairview Terraces has not given us any information on the said company despite our repeated requests. Buyers are also at a loss as to whom to contact as no official receipt or any piece of paper has been given when they bought the animals.

What PAWS is sure of:
1. The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) has confirmed that BARK is not registered with them. BAI will file charges with PAWS against BARK.
2. The QC Permits and Licensing Office has not granted a permit to sell to BARK.
If any one at Ayala Malls can help us get the information we need to file criminal charges against BARK, or to let us know if the Mall is willing to file charges with PAWS, please email us at or or call 4751688 (until 6pm).
PAWS has called Ayala Fairview Terraces representatives repeatedly last week and personally visited the Fairview Terraces Mall Administration office yesterday but the information needed to file a criminal case has not been given.
Thank you.”

Aside from canine distemper, one of the buyers also stated that the dog he bought tested positive for Parvovirus, yet another contagious and life-threatening disease.

If you bought pets from BARKS, then kindly take your dogs to the vet immediately.

For the rest of us, always remember to only buy from licensed, registered and professional breeders. Or better yet, adopt from PAWS and other NGOs because there are thousands of animals looking for homes and families to love.

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