PSA: Potato Corner Just Released New Flavors This Holiday Season!

We’re not saying your usual fries are boring. But they sure can get even more festive, merry, and delightful with Potato Corner’s Holiday Flavors! We know, we know. Since 1992, Potato Corner has already been serving us exciting moments with its deliciously iconic flavored fries. But recently, Potato Corner has been spoiling us more than ever! From their free large fries offer to their first drive-thru store (which they recently opened in Seaoil Congressional, Quezon City), we’re not running out of ways to enjoy our flavored favorites. And we’re not complaining!

It looks like the brand with the World’s Best Flavored Fries has no plans to stop surprising us anytime soon. Because as Potato Corner celebrates its 30th year this 2022, they’re gifting us two new holiday flavors: Honey Butter and Queso De Bola!

Potato Corner Holiday Flavor KV scaled

Simply add ₱10 to the base price, and you won’t have to wait for Christmas Eve just to taste these festive flavors. If you’re someone who wants to get the best of both savory & sweet flavors, then the Honey Butter is for you! The sweetness of honey, plus the savory & creamy butter? It’s a match made in heaven.

And since it’s not Christmas without the Queso de Bola we all love, this twist to our favorite holiday snack completes the season! With Queso de Bola’s right amount of cheesiness, you’ll definitely bite into goodness.

What’s more, Honey Butter & Queso De Bola are available nationwide via walk-in, take-out, and delivery. But these holiday flavors won’t be here forever, so don’t miss it! Head over to Potato Corner’s website for more information or their nearest branch for some freshly fried, freshly flavored fries.