PS5 secured meme: What does it mean?

There is a not-so-new meme dubbed as “PS5 secure meme” that is making rounds again about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console. It is being revived but apparently many are still confused about what it means. We’re here to help you sort that out.

The PlayStation 5 is a highly anticipated gaming console ever since it was officially announced. A week after it was unveiled, important details such as price and actual release date were not revealed. Hence, excited fans resorted to speculating how much it is gonna cost and this has seemingly led to the revival of the meme. Like most memes on the internet, it is both a little funny and a little offensive. Unfortunately, this one is leaning far into the latter.

Way back at the beginning of the year, the meme was started on Reddit by u/kingraphaii.

Generally, the meme aimed to show the great lengths people will go so they can get enough money to buy the new PlayStation 5 console. Although some versions look like simple jokes that show players helping their significant others in doing house chores or surprising them with gifts, the majority of the memes are not-so-safe for work.

As seen from the tweet, many versions of this meme are geared towards seeing younger people having relationships (and maybe, having sexual contact with) with other (usually older) people. Probably, this is to either convince them to buy them the console or to make enough cash through this so they can buy one themselves. Sadly, a major concern with this meme is that it appears many of the images are taken without the consent of the other party.

It is NEVER OKAY to take photos and videos of people in candid and compromising positions without their consent. Even if many of the PS5 secured memes seem to be staged, there are many that can be seen on Twitter and Reddit that reveal people in obviously incriminating situations. If they found out, they would likely be hurt and embarrassed.

Since people’s attention span has really become short, memes proved to be a great way to communicate and share ideas and jokes. However, it is important to note that when it comes to making memes, everyone involved must give consent.

The PS5 Secured meme, although somewhat funny, has uncomfortable undertones and seems to mostly depict people as unlovable unless they can help get the new PlayStation. That is never the case, and to be honest, it’s mean to treat people that way.

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