Protect Your PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone with Norton 360 Multi-Device

When in Manila and using multiple devices to connect online, be sure to use one of the best protection available: Norton 360 Multi-Device. With its fast, comprehensive protection from today’s Internet threats, Norton 360 Multi-Device secures a top spot in the security software category. 

Norton 360 Multi-Device combines the Norton 360 Premier Edition, Norton Internet Security for Mac®, and Norton Mobile Security in one nifty package to help you protect multiple devices, such as your PC, Mac®, Android smartphone and tablet.

One of the first things I noticed about the software is that it installs within a minute or two without a reboot. It protects against known and unknown threats by signature detection. It also checks threats gathered from all Norton users, for quicker way to detect malicious software your device comes across all over the Internet. Norton 360 Multi-Device also observes how programs try to access your system, and flags those that attempt to exploit your device, regardless of the virus signature. These features allow Norton 360 Multi-Device to catch the bad guys. 

Since Norton 360 Multi-Device only requires 256 MB of RAM and 300 MB of available hard disk space, I’ve never felt the software affect the speed of my PC. 

Here are a few more things I love about the security software:

Norton 360 Multi-Device


Norton 360 Multi-Device offers security and identity protection which effectively blocks fraudulent “phishing” websites and even secures your usernames and passwords. The software can even stop threats that sneak through security vulnerabilities in your device’s applications. It immediately removes viruses and spyware before they cause problems, and will instantly identify which websites are safe for browsing. Unsafe site are immediately blocked to prevent your browser from loading information.




Norton 360 File Safe


Norton 360 Tasks


Norton Insight improves PC performance by identifying safe files and only checks unknown files. Norton™ Safe Web and Safe Search, meanwhile, protects your PC from your browsing habits by blocking unsafe and fake websites right in the search results. You can even check




One of the cool things about Norton 360 Multi-Device is that it comes with 25GB of online storage. Backup does take several minutes to a couple of hours, though. But at least I can rest assured that all my WIM docs and photos are safe from loss. I can even tweak the settings a bit and schedule the backup on a specific date. Automatic backup happens during idle time when the PC is not in use. 


Norton 360 Backup

When used with a mobile device, though, Norton 360 Multi-Device offers a decent amount of protection. It can even help you find your device when it’s lost or stolen, allows you to lock your stolen smartphone online, and prevents strangers from seeing anything private on your smartphone. From the comforts of your own home, you can even remotely erase information on your mobile device and your smartphone’s memory card (if it has one). Pretty cool, huh? Mobile device tracking and recovery is a breeze.

With Norton Management, you can 

To avoid degrading the performance of your PC,  Norton 360 Multi-Device comes with a PC tuneup feature, which does more than f

The Bottom Line

Norton 360 Multi-Device does offer superb, 1-year protection for up to devices. It’s easy to install and easy to manage, everything you need to protect your precious gadgets as you browse sites and connect with friends, family and coworkers online. With its antivirus, antiphishing, and firewall features, Norton 360 Multi-Device is worth the $79.99 price tag.


Norton 360™ Multi-Device




Protect Your PC, Tablet and Smartphone with Norton 360 Multi-Device