Proper Courtesy When Double Parked: Who Should Wait?

When places do not have enough parking slots, guards would often allow a driver to double park but ensure that he can be easily reached in cased the car behind him had to move. When in a rush, a lot of us may also tend to double park thinking we won’t be gone for too long anyway. However, what do you think proper courtesy dictates?

Should the double parked vehicle immediately move? Or should the car behind be patient and wait? Either way, both parties need to respect each other. Virma G. however had a not so good experience, read her story below.

Double parking


Seems courtesy isn’t a norm anymore.

So I was properly parked at Shopwise, near the ATMs. When I went back to leave, a black SUV was parked in front of my car. Seemed the guy in striped yellow polo shirt and shorts at the nearest ATM owns the SUV.

He looked at me as I approached my car. I asked if it was his and if he can move his vehicle because I am in a hurry. As a reply, he shouted at me that he’s still at the ATM and told me to wait for 5 minutes. So I told him repeatedly that I am leaving and I am in a hurry.

He shouted louder saying something bad about me.

I calmly went inside my car and just waited because, obviously, the man doesn’t know courtesy. He could simply move his vehicle forward and resume with his ATM transaction. Isn’t it the courteous and decent thing to do? To move your vehicle you parked in the parkway when the blocked vehicle is supposed to leave? Because in the first place you shouldn’t have parked there regardless if you are going to withdraw some cash in one of the ATMs?

When he went back to his vehicle, he was provoking me for some verbal war. I didn’t budge and just stayed inside, not even shouting back at him. He hopped into his vehicle. I thought he’d be leaving, instead he rolled down the passenger window and began shouting at me again. I was inside my car, he in his, but I can still hear him. He then moved his vehicle a few feet back so he could see me in his open window in case I roll down my window. He honked several times, still provoking me. I was looking at the busy security guard. In case this man comes near me, I’ll honk non-stop to catch everyone else’s attention. He moved his vehicle forward, completely blocking me again. He honked repeatedly… again. Then the driver of the car beside mine went back to the parking lot and stayed near his car to smoke. The mad SUV driver finally left.

Fine, man, you got your steam out. You tried to embarrass me, got my heart racing, and my mind wondering “Does he have a gun? What should I do in case?”. You got to do what you want. I got your plate anyway. AOA5679.


What do you guys think of Virma’s experience? What’s your take on this? Do share.