Professor Under Flak for Ranking ‘Philippine’ as the Worst SEA Cuisine

Professor Tom Pepinsky from Cornell University ranked Southeast Asian Cuisine in a tweet and placed Filipino cuisine at the bottom of this list. The professor, who teaches comparative politics, political economy and Southeast Asian politics, sparked a bit of outrage after the tweet, though some people supported his opinion.

He tweeted ‘*** list is objectively correct, but ignores regional and ethnic sub-cuisines’ following his ranking.

Immediately, netizens replied to his tweet and asked him who he is to rank cuisine ‘objectively’.

He was then supported by Jakarta-based activist Kate Walton who said that Filipino cuisine is ‘def the worst in the region’.

Apparently, Filipino food is bland and she prefers spicy food.

What about you? Are you a fan of Filipino food or do you prefer food from other SEA countries?

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