Preparing a Nice Meal? Here’s Where to Buy USDA Tomahawk Steaks in the Philippines

Once in a while, I like to prepare a nice meal for the family. Sure, there are lots of fine restaurants that offer quality food, but nothing beats homecooked meals specially made for you by someone you love! It’s also a great personalized and thoughtful gift for your loved ones on special occasions–a shared experience in an intimate celebration that’s sure to create core memories. If you agree and are looking for ideas for your next grand dinner, make it more meaningful with a USDA tomahawk steak!

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Where to Buy Tomahawk Steak in the Philippines?

The whole process of cooking also involves selecting the right ingredients. And when it comes to cooking steak, the meat is the star of the show so it pays to be meticulous when buying one. As for me, I was able to get frozen steaks from the Instagram store called Meaty Cravings (@meaty.cravings), and spoiler alert: it was a delicious journey! When it arrived at my door, I was so surprised that the meat was bigger than my pan! Of course, the steak was prolonged because of the rib bone attachment but it was also thick. Noting that meat generally shrinks about 25 percent when cooked, what we had on the table was around two inches thick!

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Meaty Cravings is under FRUS CORP, one of the trusted food importers in the Philippines. The retail company has been in the industry for more than a decade supplying a variety of seafood and beef products to restaurants, supermarkets, and other food service organizations. Nevertheless, their premium products are sold at a better price!

How Much Is a Kilo of Tomahawk Steak?

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A slab of USDA tomahawk costs only P1,650 per kilo from Meaty Cravings. Other ribeye options are also available such as Choice Ribeye (uncut – P1,400/kg; with cutting – P1,450/kg), Certified Angus Ribeye (uncut – P1,500/kg; with cutting – P1,550/kg), and Premium Angus Ribeye (uncut – P1,550/kg; with cutting – P1,600/kg). They also offer T-bone steaks at P1,350 per kilo and Porterhouse steaks at P1,400 per kilo.

How to Cook a Tomahawk Steak?

As for the preparation, it’s actually not as intimidating as it looks. Just like any other meal, all you need to do is grab a recipe you prefer on the web and follow the cooking instructions. There are a lot of options actually–you can have it with salt and pepper, with red wine sauce, or with compound butter like what we did!

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First, we seasoned the steak with sea salt and pepper, grilled each side for three minutes, baked it in the preheated oven to 375 degrees until it reached an internal temperature of 130 degrees (we used a meat thermometer), and let it rest for five minutes. Meanwhile, the compound butter we served it with consists of salted butter, garlic, parsley, rosemary, sea salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. And voila, bon appétit!

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