This Portable Washing Machine Is Perfect for Small Spaces and Even Travel

Doing laundry is a tiring chore. Although washing machines make it less laborious, a lot of work is still involved. This portable and space-saving washing machine can be a lifesaver, particularly for those living in small spaces like dorms or condos or people living alone and are always busy.

At first glance, it doesn’t actually look like a washing machine. Some might mistake it for a robot vacuum since it’s foldable. But that’s what you’ll love about it!

Portable washing machine

Photo: Shopee


This eight-litter washing machine will make laundry easier anytime and anywhere. It features three cleaning modes: quick, standard, and powerful, allowing you to finish washing your clothes within ten minutes.

The easy-to-operate and waterproof keys are very efficient as well! Simply press the button on your preferred cleaning modes. The top cover is transparent, so you can check your laundry with ease.

Portable washing machine

Photo: Shopee

Meanwhile, the durable four-point suction cup ensures stability, and the drain pipe switch quickly drains water without spills. Another great feature is it maintains low noise stability. It also comes with a removable draining basket!

With its compact size, you can even bring it to travel, as it fits in luggage. It’s easy to clean and store. You’ll also like its different vibrant colors! Very useful, right?


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