#PoliticianChallenge: An Ambassador Riding his Bike to Work in Makati

Netizens snapped a photo of who they said was the Ambassador of Netherlands riding a bicycle in his corporate attire on the streets of Makati.


Source: JP Alipio, Jose Cortez

A foreign man who is seen in his corporate wear and shiny leather shoes was believed to be the Ambassador of Netherlands can be seen peddling his bike on the streets of Makati.

On the streets of Metro Manila, it’s not that common to see people on a bicycle for transport. Even though biking is good exercise, it helps our environment and reduces our carbon footprint and takes us to where we are going for free, only a few bikes for transport and others for leisure.

Why is that? I personally drive an electronic bicycle and a scooter with me to work and school everyday. It gets me to where I am going–if not free but for a small fee. It’s efficient and I love how much quicker I can get to my destination because of the bike lanes in some places. Yes I understand that Metro Manila’s roads are not the most conducive place for bikers because of safety issues, the temperature and sudden rain but it makes it is not exactly crazy to do so.

It still feels weird when people give me the look of amazement when they see me, a girl, driving a scooter/electronic bicycle around town. This should be a cultural norm by now! Vietnam is also a 3rd world country but they are a bicycle nation. Let’s all help contribute to the change that we want, the change that will only come from us. 

To this man, applause applause, may you be an Ambassador or a random folk, thank you! I hope this inspires you to make a little change as well. What about you? Would you be willing to ride a bike, take a walk to work? Also, any other politician who bikes/walks to work?