Polilya: Your Newest Go-to Hangout Place in Makati

I was actually quite surprised upon seeing their setup. They’ve got a few couches where you and your friends can hang out, but they also have normal table and chair setups if you want something more formal. I looked around and realized that it seems like everyone knew each other at this place, making it feel like home.

Another thing that caught my attention was their bar filled with special Engkanto beers, which are their flagship offer. I was very curious about them since I hadn’t tried them before.

I talked to the super accommodating and friendly co-owner Polilya, Mr. Ian R. Paradies ,about his Engkanto beer, and found out that they actually manufacture this crafted beer made from all-natural ingredients. And guys, I swear their Lagers are awesome. It’s one of the best-tasting beers I’ve ever tried. Of course, I was super curious about their menu, too; so I checked that out, as well.

Lo and behold, I was taken aback when I saw the prices. Everything was way too affordable for such a really great place. Their Head Chef Luis de Terry is a genius in giving Asian dishes a twist while incorporating their specialty beer.

I was able to try their Fried Pickles (Php125) , Zen Chicken Nuggets (Php250) and Deep-Fried Apple Pie A la Mode (Php150).

Zen Chicken Nuggets (Php250) and Four O’Clock FLight (Php280)

Engkanto Lager (Php135), Gambas Engkantadas (Php440) and Fried Pickles (Php125)

I absolutely love their Fried Pickles, which is beer-infused.

Deep-Fried Apple Pie A la Mode (Php150) and Grown-Up Chocolate Mousse (Php175)

Our team also loves their Deep Fried Apple Pie – so much so that we ordered more than one (haha). Take it from me: this dessert is an absolute must-try!

We also ordered their house specialty drinks called the Four O’Clock Flight (Php280), a set of 4 Engkanto beers of our choosing. We were able to try 4 Engkanto beers, all of which are delicious and match our preferences. I’m pretty sure that everything you can get at Polilya will be awesome based on our experience.

If I were you, as soon as I finish reading this article, I will head to Polilya right away. Don’t forget to tag your friends along!


5658 Don Pedro, Makati



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