Poledancing Classes with Polecats Manila

When in Manila, and dancing is something you love, or you want to keep your body fit, or simply because you want to feel more confident for yourself.. POLECATS MANILA is the right place for you.

Polecats Manila

Polecats Manila is the Philippine’s premiere pole dancing group composed of 10 polecats and a tomcat who aims to share their love for pole dancing through classes they offer.. Founded by Cristina Dy last 2009, Polecats Manila has been busy toning up bodies, building confidence, promoting fitness and inspiring people to push a little more than what they can! Polecats Manila, recognized internationally with certified pole instructors, a member of the Pole Fitness Association, is bound to push you beyond what you think you can’t do.

I have been lucky to be able to watch the Polecats perform a pole dancing routine last August at the Mellow 94.7 S & M Listeners’ Party.


Polecats performs at Mellow 94.7’s S&M  Listener’s Party

Right there and then, I was really amazed by how these cats manage to pull themselves up and down the poles and do different pole tricks without falling. I believe the people there also must agree with me. 🙂


And just last September 18, 2011 during BLOGAPALOOZA by When In Manila at Fully Booked, Bonifacio Global City, I was able to see them again. I even had the chance to try spinning at the pole. 🙂


As introduced by CD, Polecats Manila believes in pushing the boundaries, not only in pole-dancing, but in everything you do. 


Polecats are not in the business of limits—we believe in pushing it. We are not in the business of boundaries – we find ways to go beyond it. We are not in the business of stereotypes—everyday we break it.

We are in the business of the extraordinary.



Business of the extraordinary, with extraordinary teachers plus extraordinary experience, that’s how I see Polecats.


After CD’s intro, she presented the polecats.. and these cats, once AGAIN managed to get the attention of bloggers and businesses, including myself of course, with a short Pole-Dancing number! 


  Polecat Kayleen performs for the bloggers


Indeed, these sensual routine needs a lot of strength and flexibility—making it a new method of building core and burning fats!


 Blogger posing with the Polecats 


Hannah Villasis of flaircandy.com, student of Polecats Manila

Pole Dancing, already considered a form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, is a fast rising trend in performing arts now. Regardless of the size, age and gender, pole dancing is just about for everyone! So, When In Manila, feel the outburst of sexiness and confidence, get a class with Polecats Manila!

As for me, I already did! 🙂



Polecats Manila

For classes:

0917-700-POLE (0917-700-7653)

For performances and parties:

0917-701-POLE (0917-701-7653)

or visit their  Facebook  page.



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