Poland is looking to hire more Filipino workers in various fields!

If you’ve ever been called by the beauty of Central Europe, interested in their culture, or simply looking to work abroad then this might just be your chance. The Polish government is currently working with the Philippine Embassy in Poland to bring in more Filipino workers. This comes on the heels of Poland facing a labor shortage and aging population.

According to the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI), Poland is looking for individuals to work in manufacturing, fish and meat processing, information technology, medicine, and heavy-duty truck driving. Since analysts predict a deficiency of four million workers by 2030 Poland is quite keen on building their labor force.



A hurdle to jump over before these job opportunities can be accessed is the agreement on labor cooperation between both countries. Patricia Ann V. Paez, Philippine ambassador to Poland, states: “The Deputy Labor Minister [Stanislaw] Szwed has approached us, and in early August we responded with a draft agreement stipulating the protection mechanisms we expect for Filipino workers.”

Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs Party Chairperson Jesulito A. Manalo also brought up the need to facilitate integration. He suggested that programs like student exchanges can be more widely instituted in order to foster people-to-people interactions. And this way, people would be exposed to the language and culture before leaving to work there.

Poland 2


Ironically, this call for workers coincides with the Polish government refusing to allow in refugees or migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. This policy decision should be noted by anyone interested in immigrating, as their behavior has caused tension within the European Union. The political stability of the state could also be questioned, with the country’s judiciary having been compromised.

Regardless, Ambassador Paez believes that “Poland will be an attractive destination for our workers due to its strong labor rights, the shared Catholic faith and strong family values, the only possible drawback being the cold weather.”

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