Poke Shack: The Popular Hawaiian Bowl is Making Waves in the Metro

Words by Trisha So
Photos by Zachary Garcia
Video by Arah Reguyal
Graphics by Lance Tongol

A picturesque scene of blue and white, Poke Shack is home to the ever-so-trendy poke bowls that have taken the USA by storm. Poke bowls, which originated from Hawaii, are fast, fresh, and tasty, all of which are traits exuded by the dishes of Poke Shack. Serving poke bowls, being as Instagrammable as can be, and adjusting to the Filipino lifestyle, Poke Shack allows for the waves of Hawaii to be felt in the Metro and should be everybody’s next food destination.

Catch your own poke bowl in the making.

Poke Shack serves raw, seasoned fish atop rice or salad which stays true to the poke bowl culture—although they do also serve this on top of noodles, which is absolutely glorious. However, for those who are still reluctant to having fish as organic as this, Poke Shack offers cooked entrée dishes for the same fresh quality. For the more adventurous foodies, the Salmon Sriracha, as the name entails, is spicy, zesty, filling, and delicious. Salmon atop rice, salad, or noodles, in itself, sounds appealing, but there’s something about the way Poke Shack prepares it.

Salmon Sriracha is everything a salmon dish should be.

For those who are overwhelmed by the wide array of choices on the menu, the Santorini Shawarma is a meat dish you wouldn’t want to miss. The meat is cooked to perfection, and just like the aforementioned dish, it is zesty, filling, and delicious.

Zesty, filling, and delicious are just the tip of the iceberg in describing this dish.

Do note there are merienda options such as the Crocutes of which are beyond delightful, and special desserts such as Hey, Puddin’! Remember to ask for the secret menu to catch a taste of Ramen Bautista and the Beefy Cheesy Machine which must be left to be explored by your own taste buds.

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside—what more do you need from these Crocutes?

The California Tuna Roll is another appetizer you must look out for.

The Shack Standard must be the standard for poke bowls anywhere.

It is not a doubt that Poke Shack would match your flawless Instagram feed with its aesthetic. Painted mirrors and wooden tabletops were definitely not mistakes in the venue’s interior design. Bring your barkada in for a great meal with a quick photo shoot.

On top of this, Poke Shack adjusts to the Filipino lifestyle such that a one-turn detour from C5 would immediately rid you of your traffic stress! This “drive-through” does accept orders through text (contact details found below) so you can come and go quick as can be. Better yet, why not wait for the heavy flow of traffic to pass by all the while relaxing in this Hawaiian haven? After all, it’s convenient, tasty, and oh-so-worth it!

Be sure to include Poke Shack in your next food trip to feel the Hawaiian waves for yourself. Get in touch with Poke Shack through the contact details presented below.

Poke Shack

Facebook : www.facebook.com/pokeshackph/
Instagram: @pokeshackph
Contact Numbers: 09260718992 / 09293173857


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