DIY Poké: My Quick and Healthy FastFood Choice

The year 2016 was a struggle for us. We were in and out of the hospital like we lived there! Our savings got depleted, and our patience with it. I guess the saying is true that “health isn’t valued until sickness comes.”

So this 2017, we welcomed the New Year with so much positivity and love. We claimed our health would be better by instilling discipline to achieve our #healthgoals this year

One of the goals is to maintain healthy food intake. I know y’all would agree that keeping a proper diet is a rigorous routine, especially if you are a mom who has small picky eaters! Don’t get me twisted, though; I still call fast food restaurants for delivery sometimes!

Fortunately, there are quick and casual dining choices in the South, such as this Hawaiian-inspired fast food joint located at Madison Galeries in Alabang.

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DIY Poke Madison

The first time I tried DIY was during the opening of the mall. It has limited seats and tables, but is comfortable and cozy for a fast food place.

DIY Poke madison

On my second visit, I brought my family with me.

DIY Poke Madison

Upon entering, you’ll notice a mural of a surfer, which looks Hawaiian-inspired.DIY Poke Madison

Before devouring my poke bowl, I had a quick chat with one of the owners, Mariah Pobre. I asked Mariah the reason behind this unique idea in the Philippines. According to her, she got inspired by a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that served generous customizable Hawaiian-inspired poké bowls in San Francisco, California.

DIY Poke Madison

This is their sumptuous Sumo Bowl (PHP 210 (s) 250 (L)). As the name implies, it’s a huge serving of raw salmon, crab sticks, and unagi on white rice, topped with mango, sesame seeds, ebiko, and sesame dressing. Unless you are hungry, one serving is perfect for sharing.

DIY Poke Madison

Now, if you love Mexican and Japanese food, then pick Cherry Blossom (PHP 190/235). It’s a unique marriage of two cuisines in one generous bowl. It consists of nacho chips, salmon sashimi, spicy tuna, topped with mango, wakame, nori, gari, and togarashi. Even though this bowl is spicy as it has kimchi sauce and spicy mayo, I love it!

Here’s how you can DIY your poke bowl:

1. Fill out a form with the ingredients you’d like to put in your bowl. 

DIY Poke Madison

As you can see, you need to choose the poke (meat), sauce, size, and sides.

2. Choose Your Poke (or meat)

DIY Poke madison

This is their counter where you will see all the fresh ingredients you need for your bowl. You have six choices: (1) Tuna (2) Unagi (3) Octopus (4) Salmon (5) Crabsticks (6) Spicy Tuna.

3. Enjoy your bowl!

DIY Poke Madison

This is Millie’s Health Bowl. All fresh, with a few slices of avocado, tuna, corn, carrots, brown rice, and more! I still prefer the Cherry Blossom, though!

Well, it wouldn’t be me at all if I didn’t try anything sweet. So, to “balance” my enzymes, I tried their Doju Dairy Japanese Ice Cream!

DIY Poke madison

The bestsellers are Green Tea and Black Sesame.

DIY Poke

So, whether you’re embarking on a healthy lifestyle or not, DIY Poke is your new go-to healthy fast food choice in the south! Tag your foodie friends now!

D.I.Y. Poke

2nd floor of Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills, Cupang, Muntinlupa City


Instagram: @diypoke

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