Plueys: Fashionable Rain Gears That Would Convert Any Summer Lovin’ Gal

WHEN IN MANILA, I’d rather be labeled as the girl who is geekily over prepared for something rather than be known as the girl who got blown away by the strong typhoon winds because she was well, not prepared. I remember two Fridays ago, the heat wave in Manila was disrupted by a super strong rain that I swear could have blown me away if it wasn’t for my heavy dinner the night before. Anyway, I had to walk thru disgusting puddles and I swore to myself that this will never ever ever happen to me ever again.


Plueys is the perfect weapon to combat the weather blues! I mean really, they have all sorts of cute rainboots, umbrellas that would make you wish it was raining all day, and so much more cool stuff.


Among all of Plueys cute and cool rain gears, here are my absolute faves!




I remember back when Barbie Dolls, Cooking Play Sets, and Archie Comics were my life, my mom used to make me wear this red hello kitty rain coat every time the winds were gushing hard. Plueys’ Quarter to Nine and Hello Dolly rain coats take me back to when I was a kid but way chicer of course!




I’ve always been the girl who opted for pieces that are more classic and chic, but from time to time, I allow myself to let go of the reins and go for something so cute all ice creams in the world would melt. Plueys’ Sew Cute rain boots is aptly named. And what made me love this pair even more is that yes, it may be cute, but the classic beige color makes it chic nonetheless.





Pluey’s Darling rain boots is another home run; cute and chic! Ain’t it such a beaut?




For those ladies who don’t think they can ever rock a rain boot, don’t worry, Plueys also offers rain flats that are cute and chic nonetheless. What makes this rain flat even better is their comfortability. Just awesome!




I’ve never been the umbrella girl. As much as possible I try to share an umbrella with someone else even though I have one slumbering in my bag because I’m too lazy to carry one. Plueys umbrellas changed me. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to be caught dead carrying one of these cute umbrellas? I know I do!


So what are you waiting for When In Manila readers? I know we’re nearing towards summer but with our crazy weather in the Philippines, won’t hurt to be prepared! So go check out Plueys for fashionable rain gears that would make anyone wish it was raining all day.
















Plueys: Fashionable Rain Gears That Would Convert Any Summer Lovin’ Gal