PLOP! Inflatable Sofa: Your New Travel BFF

When In Manila, don’t you have days wherein you just want to lounge on a sofa after a long day’s work… but to no good you do not have that “perfect sofa” to lounge on? Well, thanks to PLOP Inflatable Sofa—that won’t be a problem anymore!


Plop Inflatable Sofa is the first of its kind in the Philippine market and the brand that celebrities choose. I actually have been seeing posts from top celebrities about how they love their very own Plop Inflatable Sofa and it got me wondering what the craze was all about… So I had to own one to see for myself.

PLOP Inflatable Couch 3

Plop Inflatable Sofa is so portable and lightweight that you can bring it anytime, anywhere. Packed in its own handy pouch, this inflatable sofa can be set up and wrapped easily at any setting.

PLOP Inflatable Couch 4

How to start plopping?  Just scoop air, seal and secure… and you’re ready to go with your own Plop Inflatable Sofa!

Plop how to

If your are worried whether it will stay inflated for long? Well, the Plop team has secured all the Plop Inflatable sofas with a dual buckle lock feature… it can last for 6 hours depending on the weight it receives. So no worries that your energy of scooping air will go to waste!

It is also made of rip stop nylon fabric that can withstand tearing and ripping. Whether grassy, watery or rocky your surface may be, your Plop Inflatable Sofa will surely be safe.

Plop GIF

Plop Inflatable Sofa celebrates fun with side compartments and catchy colors. Comes in 9 different colors that you can lounge on it as long as you want without having to worry of where to put your phone and other important stuff.


And the comfort? Of course it is comfortable! I can definitely sleep here! With all these pros in one cool product, I am so excited to bring my own Plop Inflatable Sofa to my future trips and hang outs! Plus factor that this product is definitely waterproof!

PLOP Inflatable Couch 2

When In Manila, check out my new travel BFF, Plop Inflatable Sofa, which could be yours too! Just like the saying that goes, once you Plop, you definitely won’t stop! Stay tuned for more products from Plop!.

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