5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Trips Ahead

I’ve already been on a few trips both in and out of the country. Still, I ask myself should I plan ahead or just wing it? Well, the answer is always, to plan way ahead! Why? Because you’ll never know what’s going to happen next… It pays to be prepared.


So, are you traveling soon? If yes, you better write these five essential reasons down why you should plan your trips ahead of time.

5. You have more time to save money

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When you plan ahead, you give yourself an ample time to save more funds to use for your trip. Unless you have money set aside for the trip, planning ahead could give you the freedom to enjoy a worry and stress-free trip! Truthfully, the more funds you have, the more fun you would get! Take for example my trip to Europe last year, I saved around at least 100k for that 10-day trip. Never had any regrets, because I truly enjoyed my shopping experience in France and Italy. Plus, I was able to enjoy all the food I wanted to try =)

4. You get to grab airline, food, and accommodation promos and discounts

Essentially, planning ahead generally gives you the best travel promos and discounts. The majority of the hotels, airlines, restaurants, offer some great deals for savvy travelers like you.

For instance, the usual problem is where to stay.

Since great and affordable accommodations tend to get fully booked easily, I would suggest getting your reservations earlier. With that, you will get the best choice, all within your budget.


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3. Less Stress

Having to deal with finding a hotel after your flight just adds stress to your system, especially if you’re dragging your entire luggage everywhere you go. If you plan ahead, you can just live in the moment and not worry about missing fantastic places or how to get to your next destination.


So yeah, best to book accommodations way ahead and choose a hotel/inn that’s located near the spots you wanna visit to save you time and money. Furthermore, I highly advise you buy a local data simcard so you can easily access google maps and your friends on social media. Forget about expensive roaming rates… best to buy a local sim!

2. More time for research


A quick Google search, or creating your own personal guidebook ahead can give you a bit of freedom to choose the activities that interest you. Furthermore list down the things that fit your budget and time. Do keep in mind that you would need to research on the public transportation so that you wouldn’t be scrambling on how to get to places. In doing these, you can also prepare for plan b (up to z) especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

1. You have something to look forward to

Planning ahead your trip gives you something exciting to look forward to. You’ll notice a smile on your face each morning, making you look blooming and have that extra bounce in your step. Of course, you will look forward to unveiling the amazing parts unknown.

Venice Italy When in Manila Mae Ilagan (36 of 70)

Genuinely, I realized that the trick to make the most of your travels is to find balance between winging it and planning ahead. And, to achieve a smooth trip, you should plan ahead for hotels and plane tickets; research on which places are the best one to eat at; look and read reviews where you can find the most amazing views and food spots and zestful activities. Should unpredictable variables like weather and traffic jams occur, your trip is intact since you planned ahead.

So, are you more of a planner or do you like to wing it? Has winging it ever held you back? What are amazing experiences that you have encountered when you planned out a part of your trip?
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