Planning that perfect Christmas party? Here are 5 tips for your holiday bash!

The holiday daze is here and everyone is full of joy, wide-eyed with excitement. ‘Tis the season, indeed! Gatherings are being scheduled here and there and friends, both new and old, are reuniting to see loved ones. If you’re in charge of your Christmas party this year, here are some tips for organizing that perfect get-together!

5. Decorate!

Christmas Decor gif

Deck the halls! Nothing spreads the cheer quite like seeing all the decoration! Whether it’s the polished baubles hanging on the tree or the winking lights illuminating the edges of rooms, homes become warmer and more lively with the vivid colors and even brighter lights.

While you’re hanging up your socks or perfectly adjusting that belen, why not hang a mistletoe somewhere inconspicuous, too? Might just make that Christmas magic happen for someone (or even for you!).

4. Dress the part! And make sure everyone else does, too!

jimmy fallon

For those #OOTD goals, why not make sure everyone amps it up with a theme? Ugly Christmas sweaters? Red and green? Silver? And, for those who like it simple but stylish, a simple white will do! As long as everyone’s game and ready to match, those photos will turn out amazing! 100 Facebook likes guaranteed.

Glitter, glitz, and tassels are all options, too. Bust out the fur trim and the colored buttons, ’tis the season for the bright and bold!

3. Bring out the gifts!

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Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the absolute elation of opening up a gift. Tearing open wrapping paper and squealing about gifts are integral to the spirit of Christmas parties. Maybe you and your loved ones prefer Secret Santa or doing it the old-fashioned way with each of your guests getting a small token of love each. Whatever it may be, that gift is sure to bring a smile to your friends’ and family’s faces.

2. Don’t forget the music!


If your group’s style is dancing together, then a great Christmas playlist should do. Curate it to add some of your favorite songs mixed with some Christmas staples that everyone can happily sing along to. No one can resist wailing along to “Last Christmas” or the ever-challenging “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Those high notes are just begging to be sung.

Speaking of singing along, there’s also karaoke. Karaoke is always a good idea. As the night grows longer, so does the song reserve list on the karaoke machine. Karaoke is a foolproof way to get liven up any party.

1. Finally, fill up those hungry stomachs with some Big Guys Pizza!

Big Guys Pizza

Big party means big appetite. And big is Big Guys’ specialty. This is an easy and a guaranteed way to make sure all your guests leaving stuffed and happy! This is 36 inches of pure joy just waiting to be shared. Each guest is sure to leave your party filled and fulfilled!

These massive pizzas are definite crowd-pleasers and even conversation starters. A small pro-tip–remember that mistletoe we were talking about earlier? Why not nestle it just above the pizza? Two hungry guests might just make a connection. If not, then your friend will at least fall in love with his/her slice.

Big Guys Pizza