Planet Sports: Your Complete One-Stop Shop for Shoes and Sporting Goods

Planet Sports: Your Complete One-Stop Shop for Shoes and Sporting Goods

When In Manila, have you ever encountered having to soar through different shops just to complete your back-to-gym or fun run sporting gear needs? It’s such a pain to have to buy your sporting goods and apparel from different stores, don’t you agree? Well, Planet Sports has a complete line-up of sports apparel and sporting gear for everyone! They also carry swimwear, awesome apparel, and fashionable women’s footwear! Check it out: 


Planet Sports basically focuses on being a one-stop shop for your sporting goods. They cater to a wide variety of sports: from swimming to running and even to mixed martial arts! They also have goods for beginners of certain sports. From beginner gear to training materials and even to body support for specific limbs.


Even swimming is not just the sports type. Bikinis and even beginner swimming guides and gear are available! You can sport-up for competitive swimming, or cool-down for the pool and the beach.


Another great thing about Planet Sports is the wide variety of products that they have. They’re not just any other sports store that contains a few choices for a certain product or category; they have great variety and quantities that truly make them a one-stop-shop for sporting goods!



I went to the Planet Sports BGC store to check out their flagship branch recently and the store was awesome! The 2nd floor was dedicated to women and featured a really cool wall with information on their weekly free Women’s Sports Classes done right there on the 2nd floor! Purchase any item and you’re already allowed to register and join the Women’s Sports Classes weekly!

The Women’s Sports Classes are comprised of Yoga, Running, and Dancing. Just check out the wall out on the women’s floor on the 2nd floor for more information regarding the available clinics and schedules.


When In Manila, for all your sporting needs and apparel, drop by Planet Sports! Check out their page for updates and for their upcoming raffles and contests!


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