Plandid: 5 Planned Candid Poses For Your Instagram Photos

How you ever heard of plandid?

Well, whether you have or haven’t yet, I am pretty sure you’ve already done it at least once. Plandid or planned candid are the poses everyone seems to be doing on their social media photos. No worries, here are 5 plandid ideas that you should master to amp up your game with or without an Instagram boyfriend.

5. “I read on my spare time”

Grab a nearby magazine or book, open it in half and just smile while pretend-reading as if you really find a certain line interesting, funny or whatever.



4. “You know, just walking casually”

Just walk casually. No, scratch that. Put one foot forward and make it seem like you’re about to take another step. Make sure not to really make a step, though, to avoid blurry shots.



3. “Let me touch my hair real quick. Oops, gotta check my feet, too”

For a candid effect, touch your hair as if you’re in the middle of fixing it when somebody captured the photo. After that, try looking down and pretend like you’re checking your shoes, too.



2. “I’m having so much fun”

Fake laugh. I’m pretty sure you already know how to do it.



1. “I totally have no idea that someone’s taking photos”

In mastering plandid poses, remember to always act like you don’t have a clue that someone’s photographing you.

A post shared by yza tolentino (@yzatolentino) on

A post shared by yza tolentino (@yzatolentino) on

But hey, plandid poses aside, a genuine smile is still your best bet. Go ahead and enjoy as you pose for the camera and plan your curated feed! Just make sure not to take it too seriously, okay? Remember that you’re doing this just for the fun of it and not for a pseudo-happy social media life.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!