Pins and Bricks: Pizza, Pasta, and Games

Starting your own business can be quite challenging in Manila. No, not quite challenging. Really challenging. I’ve been running a business for the past 2 years with my boyfriend and there are still days when I feel as if I am on a free fall. I know several of my friends who have gone through their fair share of trial and error when it comes to establishing their brand from scratch, as well.

Setting up your own business is no walk in the park. I am well into my adult years and I still encounter struggles, so imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon a restaurant that has been recently put up by a graduating business student.

Pins and Bricks is a pizza and pasta place located within Pearl Plaza along Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center. I found out that it’s been barely a year since its owner, Jes Sun, put it up to fulfill one of his degree’s requirements.

The place is cozy. I like the warm lighting and the design of the interiors. It establishes a mood that encourages people to relax and hang out.

Pins and BricksI like this photo rack.

Pins and BricksI really like the sink.

Pins and Bricks

Since they specialize and highlight their brick oven thin crust pizzas, my friends and I ordered the Pins and Bricks Special family size (15”). The thin crust is amazing. The mix of ingredients – ham, sausage, pepper, and cheese – reminded me of my college days. We also had a regular-sized (11”) garlic and cheese pizza.

Pins and BricksRegular-sized garlic and cheese pizza for P195

Pins and BricksFamily-sized Pins and Bricks Special for only P515

We also ordered the Chicken-Bolognese combo meal. The chicken looked like it was spicy because of its color, but it wasn’t. Both were equally tasty.

Pins and BricksChicken and Bolognese meal for P199

Like I said, the atmosphere in the place encourages people to stay. That’s what my friends and I did. We played one round of Cards Against Humanity. Other popular group and board games could also be found in the restaurant for people to use. Looks like the board game addiction is really catching on.

Pins and Bricks

Their service was good, as well. The crew was warm and very helpful when it came to selecting our orders.

Pins and Bricks

I met Jes’ parents and I was touched to see how supportive they are of their son’s entrepreneurial venture. It turns out that the family also has their own business in their hometown in General Santos.

I am sure the parents’ years of experience heped in calming Jes’ very-first-business-jitters.

I know that this is not the first business to be established by a student.

I have heard of so many and have been a fan of quite a few. Nevertheless, I don’t think it will cease to amaze me how at such a young age, people are brave enough to venture into the tricky and uncertain world of entrepreneurship.

Pins and Bricks Pizza Bistro

2nd floor, Pearl Plaza, Plaza Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City

0917 716 7778

Facebook: Pins and Bricks