You can now play this award-winning locally-made indie video game

Lithium City, a neon-drenched action game by local indie developer Nico Tuason, launched last June 15.

The game is set in a stylized isometric world that takes inspiration from games like Transistor and Hotline Miami. Lithium City also takes inspiration from classic 2D isometric games and modern fast-paced action games.

It strives to deliver a fun and memorable single-player experience. The game is designed with very minimal UI and takes a more puzzle-like approach to combat encounters.

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Lithium City was previously showcased at international conferences such as the Tokyo Game Show, G-Star in Korea, and GDC China, and locally in Esports Gaming Summit. It also won Best Audio at the Indie Game Festival in China. 

It has been in development for six years, with a small indie team led by Nico Tuason doing the art, programming, and game design. John Camara was on the team as its sound engineer and music composer. Terry Tuason served as the interior design consultant as well as PR and marketing for the team. 

You may download Lithium City on Steam.

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