Pinoy “Lambanog” Receives International “Gold” Recognition

Philippine street liquor “lambanog” receives a gold award from Monde Selection, a world-recognized quality-certifying institute, according to a news report from Rappler.

Lambanog is a Pinoy alcoholic beverage commonly described as Pinoy coconut vodka.

It is distilled from the sap of unopened coconut flower. The resulting liquor product has a potent 80 to 90 proof (40 to 50%) after single distillation and can go as high as 166 proof (83%) after second distillation.

(Source: wikipedia.com)

The story goes saying that Lakan Extra Premium Philippine Lambanog is the first Pinoy lambanog brand that gets awarded with such distinction from a prestigious international award-giving body.

Lakan Lambanog gets gold award

Monde Selection sent Rappler a certification document that recognizes the aforementioned lambanog brand, awarding it with a gold award for the World Selection of Spirits and Liquors 2015.

Monde Selection added that Lakan can display the said award on its packaging for three years with the only requirement of mentioning when the award was given.

The gold award is the second highest distinction Monde Selection can give. The awards they give are bronze (60-69%), silver (70-79%), gold (80-89%) and grand gold (90-100%), respectively.

According to one of the founders of Lakan, “Lakan’s gold at Monde affirms that lambanog has an export potential. But it will still take a lot of sales and marketing to achieve that.”

Lakan Extra Premium Philippine Lambanog was launched in October 2014. A 750-ml bottle of Lakan costs about PhP 3,500.

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