Pinoy Designs World’s First Biodegradable Car

Apparently, the world’s first biodegradable car is made using bamboo, rattan, steel, and nylon. It was created within 10 days when it was launched in 2011.

The Phoenix Roadster is biodegradable car designed by Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albrecht Birkner.

The said roadster is 153 inches long. It is pegged as a solution to a problem: the waste created  by old cars that outlive their purpose.

Phoenix roadster (1) Phoenix roadster (2) Phoenix roadster (3)

According to Cobonpue, “this project attempts to unveil the future of green vehicles using woven skins from organic fibers mates to composite materials and powered by green technology.”

At present, we haven’t found any updates whether the Phoenix Roadster actually did hit the roads since its introduction in 2011. There was also no info to what engine powers it but an all-electric engine makes a lot of sense.

What do you think of the Phoenix Roadster?

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