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WhenInManila obtain  NSO documents like Birth Certificates, apply for passports, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates and CENOMAR (certificate of NO marriage ) online and super fast through TELESERV citizen services! NSO documents are processed and delivered within 2-3 days of your making the request with Teleserv . A super-sexy time saving option in service of the increasing numbers of web-savvy Pinoys all over Philippines and abroad. Use the hotline 02-737-1111 or chat online


The POEA OEC Balik-Manggagawa Delivery Service has made overseas exit clearance processing a breeze for vacationing OFWs over the years. With the upcoming improvements on the online website,  , fill out the forms, place the orders and even pay online through Credit cards, using Teleserv.


My house-helper has been cribbing that she has no time to go to govt offices and stand in long queues to get her child’s Birth certificate…and then the other day a fine young Filipino male said that his girl-friend was beginning to doubt if he was married already….I Just found an answer to their problems: Teleserv’s citizen services. Get a certificate of your requirement through TELESERV in partnership with NSO! Clerical error corrections in Name, Gender (yes, that too ;), address can be made briskly through Teleserv. 





We often don’t realize how important these documents are, and that the need for these arises suddenly when we are already tight on time. It is best to obtain them in time and on the government recognized security paper. To help the Filipino citizens and OFWs apply and receive these at their ease Teleserv offers online support. THe website has comprehensive FAQ menu and the customer friendly agents personally answer your specific questions 24×7 through web chat, sms, email and call center, and also process your requests all the way upto door step delivery of the certificates in most cases.




You save on time as well as uncertainty over appointment, and accurate guidance on supporting documents if you decide to go through Teleserv. All this just at a minimal service charge, payable through credit cards or over the counter Metrobank, Bayad and the usual channels. Paypal will also soon be introduced a mode of payment.





This Valentine’s Day Teleserv received record requests from boyfriends who wanted to gift their girl friends the security that they have not been previously married. ‘It was a smash-hit!’, said Raffy, the Marketing Director of Teleserv, who is also the proprietor of Gastro Pub.


Raffy David with his partners, Jun S. Yupitun and  Jeffrey M. Villanueva  jointly own Teleserv. They are young entrepreneurs, in tune with their place, time and opportunity. I felt happy to see these young Pinoys prove that Philippines is emerging as a young nation, fueling its own economy, and actively contributing to nation building. They are indeed a sexy trail blazing trinity that are bringing world-class outsourcing service to the local market and its demands. Teleserv were behind the giant food chain Mc Donalds Food delivery. They still have a major client share with other food giants and are experienced in the line for 12 years now.


Jun was the man behind simplifying the US visa appointments at the US embassy and he is the one who manages the operations of a 1200 team at Teleserv now. Raffy the marketing director is an inveterate foody who seems to have a taste for making the business a success. He also owns the Harvest Gasto pub in upmarket Bonifacio Global City. Just like the services at Teleserv, his food line also follows a corresponding policy ‘Food must take the weight of running it… ‘ he says cheerfully, matter-of-factly…’ I want to serve real food’.


Somehow when tasting their ‘real food’— baked Cream Dory, the delicious Iced Tea and the Strawberry Margarita I felt Teleserv will succeed in its latest NSO services by the same logic– excellent customer service and service delivery will take the weight of this Fil-owned BPO. You remind me of young Bangalore BPOs in the late 1990s , so Cheers!






For Birth Certificate:

  • As proof of age.
  • Healthcare application
  • Requirements for enrollment
  • Requirements in marriage application
  • Passport application
  • Driver’s license application
  • To open a bank account
  • Requirements for inheritance and property claims
  • Voter’s registration
  • Requirement if you will run for public office.
  • PRC licensure exams
  • SSS application
  • DOLE working permits, if minor.
  • Establishing  family relationship,
  • Proving legal dependency
  • Requirements for claiming of benefits

For Marriage Certificate:

  • To update status in Philhealth
  • To update status in SSS/GSIS
  • To update data in Passport from single to married name
  • To change surname in PRC license
  • To secure as legal beneficiaries of spouse
  • Requirements for legitimacy of child/children
  • Requirements for claiming of benefits

For Death Certificate:

  • Claiming life insurance
  • Claiming pensions
  • Settling estates
  • To obtain burial permits
  • To obtain death benefits

For CENOMAR (Advisory of Marriage):

  • Visa requirements
  • To know if your fiancée is single and to know if both party is free of bigamy.
  • One of the requirements in getting a marriage license.
  • Requirements for legitimacy of a child
  • Requirements for claims and benefits.

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Pinoy Birth Certificates Online By Teleserv 


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