PHYSIOGEL Beauty Experts Fair 2013 – Bring Back Your Skin’s Natural Glow!

PHYSIOGEL – Beauty Experts Fair 2013!


When in Manila, a lot of people tend to have multiple deadlines that need to be met, so stress ends up everywhere!  Heat and air pollution have been striking onto our skin every single day as we go out of our homes, as well – this is what wrinkles and exaggerated fine lines are made of. As such, we need something that will take care of and protect our skin from damage on a daily basis. Fortunately, PHYSIOGEL skin and body care products are now available in leading drugstores and supermarkets to do just that. And now, they are more affordable than ever with their decrease in price of up to 29%!




My entire family hardly uses skin products because of how allergic we get to most brands out there. It’s really hard to find a product that fits our skin’s preferences and budget and provides efficient and affordable skin care at the same time. Thanks to PHYSIOGEL, though, our search is now over!

Skin experts know that sensitive skin needs extraordinary care and attention. This is why they highly recommend PHYSIOGEL. PHYSIOGEL was developed with the new Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) Technology, which repairs skin barriers and moisture loss by mimicking the natural lipids of the skin and locking in moisture. This is what gives users longer-lasting hydrated and moisturized skin!



The PHYSIOGEL Lotion works best for bigger surface areas of the body.



The PHYSIOGEL Cream is non-comedogenic and ideal for the face.

The PHYSIOGEL AI Cream and Lotion, on the other hand, works as a moisturizer for those who sometimes experience skin irritation, itchiness or redness. 



The PHYSIOGEL Cleanser is basically just a gentle moisturizing cleanser. 


I found out that the squeaky feeling that we get whenever we wash our face isn’t really a sign of cleanliness, but of skin skin lipid damage. Not only that, I also found that whenever we wash our face, we should do so with our ring fingers to avoid too much force. I learned a lot at the PHYSIOGEL Beauty Fair, but my biggest take-home from Ms. Pong is that make-up and everything else that we put onto our faces are just products to enhance our features. Beauty is always found from within.



Ms. Pong Niu and her model Valeen Montenegro 



Carla Avancena doing demo make-up on her model



Mr. Krist Bansuelo and his Model



Valeen Montenegro, Pong Niu, Krist Bansuelo,  Carla Avancena, Nicole Anderson 


Ms. Pong Niu, a well-known make-up artist in our country’s entertainment industry, shared that she actually used PHYSIOGEL before agreeing to become one of their ambassadors. Right now, she is a mother of three children at 39, but her age does not even show her skin! Thanks to PHYSIOGEL skin and body care, her skin is always radiant and glowing. Even if she always wears makeup, her skin still stays as moisturized as needed.   



Ms. Pong Niu and Me


So, When in Manila and you want to have soft, radiating and glowing skin; use PHYSIOGEL and let the number one dermatologist-prescribed moisturizer take care of your skin! 





Available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.





PHYSIOGEL Beauty Experts Fair 2013 – Bring Back Your Skin’s Natural Glow!


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