PHOTO: Ad Shows If You Are a True Man, You Should NOT Harass Women

12439531_10208279062636327_8799784135014303630_nMonica Pangan posted on her Facebook account a photo of an advertisement she saw along Commonwealth ave with the caption “Just saw this ad along commonwealth area. ???????? #ThumbsUp” 

The ad says “Tunay na lalaki ka ba? Dapat di ka bastos.” (Are you a real man? Then you should not harass women) it shows an on-going campaign against street harassment against women. There was not verification of the people responsible for the ad, though if you have information on this, please let us know so we may credit them fully for a good campaign.

Street harassment has been prevalent in the streets of Manila and it has been quite aggressive. Women often are being cat called “Psst, psst! Sexy!” by men everywhere while walking the streets. It has insinuated fear against women. The sad part about it is that women are being forced to dress a certain way so that they will “not deserve” this treatment. Victim blaming has been  a subtle truth that society whispers.

We’re glad that someone is taking positive action towards harassment against women. It won’t entirely stop a thinking that was brewed over centuries but it is a start. Well done!

What do you think of this ad? Do you agree that street harassment has been shrugged off like something not worth talking about? How do you feel about that?

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