WATCH: Philippines Wins Obstacle Design at Vans’ Skatepark of the Future

This year, Vans transcended the Showdown series to promote APAC’s finest skateboarders and innovative minds within the region and offer support to skate shops and communities through give-back components in various phases of the campaign.

An interactive skate obstacle customization contest (The D.I.Y Showdown ) was held last year to encourage participants to express their creativity through Vans’s digital platforms and inspire skateboarders and enthusiasts throughout the region. Vans received over 100 submissions across Asia Pacific, with each design reviewed by our regional judging panel that included Absar Lebeh, Adelaide Norris, Arim Go, Padin Musa, Yang Liu Qing aka 66, and Yuri Murai.

Here is the winner list:

DIY Showdown Winners:

Spence Price (Australia/NZ)
Thomas Debnam (Australia/NZ)
Dae Geun Ahn (Korea)
Maui Hidalgo (Philippines)
Kanze (Most voted)

DIY Showdown FInalists Vans

Maui Hidalgo shares that his inspiration for his design entry is the classic spine ramp but with a twist. “The quarter ramp is spiced up with a bit of vert and there’s a gap between them for some sweet air, slide, and grind transfer or hop on the other side which is a bank,” he explains. “There’s a ledge in the middle of the bank for a bit of street-inspired action.

The bank can also bring out the inner surfer in you by wallriding it. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see what skaters come up by skating this obstacle and get their stoke on!”

Watch his short interview here:

To show support and give back to the local community, Vans has built the final 6 obstacle designs from the DIY Showdown and donated them to local skateparks, skate shops, and skate crews for continued shredding in the future.

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