Philippine National Football Team Azkals for Health and Beyond: Embrace an active and healthy Manila lifestyle


A for effort. A for Azkals. When In Manila there’s no denying the fact that the Filipino team spirit will always stay alive – win or lose. After the Philippine National Soccer team (Azkals) was defeated by Kuwait last July 28 at the Rizal Stadium in Manila they have only proven us one thing. That they have given Filipino Football fans with more than what was expected of them, in fact I think they have beaten every odds. Their recent accomplishments can be considered as unmatched in the history of football in the Philippines.


Truly the Azkals team has moved on and I was able to see their smiling faces during the launch of Health and Beyond at Rockwell, Powerplant mall. Screaming fans were outside and cheering up this pool of guys who have stirred up the love for football among Filipinos, and have brought honour and pride to the country. Some people think that they are overhyped, but beyond those good looking model-esque faces and well-toned physique lay their love and respect to one’s health and body. A day after the Kuwait battle, the team headed to a meet-and-greet function in Health and Beyond, Rockwell branch to promote living an active and healthy lifestyle. 



philippineteamazkals azkals healthandbeyond football

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philippineteamazkals azkals healthandbeyond football2Philippine National Football Team Azkals as Health and Beyond Ambassadors



What is Health and Beyond?


Health and Beyond is a chain of stores that caters to every need and want of health buffs everywhere. It offers the widest and best food supplements at very reasonable prices. Their main goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering personalized customer service and an extreme choice of supplements to promote healthy living and lifestyle. Truly, this is your one-stop shop for anything and everything your body craves for. You can see a wide array of high-graded vitamins, sports nutrition enhancers, and even dietary supplements which are 100% legal and safe. Just make sure to have your general check up before you have a nab on those particular products. Remember to always be responsible for your own health as well. They are not miracle workers you see, but they are there to further enhance your body immune system and give you a more healthy living.



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Azkals for Health and Beyond




Everyone talks about achieving a healthy lifestyle, but as usual most people have a long list of excuses as to why they can’t, won’t, or don’t want to jump into this wagon.  The lack of time or being busy is the usual excuse people give.  Have you ever told yourself, “I’m so tired, I don’t have time to exercise” or “I don’t have time to cook dinner tonight; let’s just settle for fast food delivery then.” Are you guilty? I am! Excuses are real and yes, oh so contagious.


This is where Health and Beyond can be your best friend. If you are deemed serious in achieving a healthy lifestyle, you can start by getting help from this friendly store. They have a wide variety of health supplements to suit every individual needs. Opt for small changes first, you don’t necessarily have to do a major leap immediately. Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean drastic changes. Often times, it always lead to failure. Make small changes and work your way up to being healthy with Health and Beyond.


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(left) midfielder Nate Burkey, my my he’s really tall!



Health and Beyond secured endorsement with non-other than the Team Azkals as they embody what they believe in, “Being healthy is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity”. According to Health and Beyond ’s President Mr. Miguel Garcia, “We are here to promote proper nutrition and diet, taking good care of your bodies in whatever lifestyle you are in.” And what better way to enforce this but to secure Azkals as their ambassadors. They embody all that because they are professional athletes.



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Present during the event were midfielders Nate Burkey and Simon Greatwich, defenders Rob Gier and Anton del Rosario and striker Misagh Bahadoran. They looked adorable in a Health and Beyond employee tee, assessing your health supplement requirement and giving you tips on how to be fit and achieve a great healthy lifestyle. Though they were more bombarded with questions on how they felt after the Kuwait match, they were complaisant to answer all of them. Azkal defender Anton del Rosario kept smiling the whole time and when asked about the loss he said, “It doesn’t happen overnight for us, football just started in our country and we have to take baby steps for that”. Each of them may have different answers but to sum it all up, they are geared to pick up for their next game and remains to be proud of their accomplishment. Way to go Azkals!



all smiles defender  Anton del Rosario philippineteamazkals azkals healthandbeyond football6


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You certainly won’t go out of Health and Beyond empty-handed. Aside from the competitive products they sell, what I love about them is that the staffs are very knowledgeable. Impressive as I asked the pros and cons of each dietary supplements and staff was able to answer me in a convincing manner. What I meant was, they are not the pushy type, and they would ask you about your health state as well before letting you grab their items! That’s what you can call responsible selling. Guests had tons of fun chatting with the Azkals while shopping for their nutrition bars, fibre drinks and ogling at that expensive Power Balance bracelet that is a favourite among elite competitors. Power Balance is worn to supposedly give the wearer more balance, strength and flexibility, and have become a bit of a fad with some athletes and health buffs worldwide.



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(left) Mr. Frank Briones , President of Thin Line Advertising

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I know that with this day and age it’s a tough act to maintain a healthy lifestyle When In Manila. Health and Beyond is here to support you whatever lifestyle you are in. Do not hesitate to check out their stores and see what they can offer you; remember to ask properly to ensure safety. Put in mind that Health and Beyond might be there to back you up all the way, infused it with self-discipline and you will never go wrong.



Big thanks to defender Rob Gier.

He guided me well on which vitamin to get. One cool and composed guy!


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For more information visit:


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Philippine National Football Team Azkals for Health and Beyond: Embrace an active and healthy Manila lifestyle