Apparently, PH Internet Speeds Have Been Improving This 2021

Just as I am sitting here almost-crying over my 64kbps Internet speed, I came across Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index where it says that the Philippines has actually been experiencing improvements in Internet speeds for both mobile lines and fixed broadband lines.

To date, the Philippines ranks 83rd in the world in terms of mobile download speed and 92nd in terms of fixed broadband download speed. We are clearly still far from the top, but we actually climbed three spots in February with an average of 26.24Mbps compared to 25.77Mbps in January (for mobile) and climbed eight spots with an average of 38.46Mbps compared to 32.73Mbps in January (for fixed broadband).

Ookla Internet Speed Test Philippines

Internet download speeds also improved in January when compared to the speeds in December. Still, our speeds are considered to be below the global average of 46.94Mbps for mobile and 97.52Mbs for fixed broadband.

How fast is your Internet? Have you been noticing these improvements?

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