Philippine Blog Awards Intro “Silent Film” Jose and Andres are Bloggers

Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio are Bloggers. Black & White old film with old projector look.

This “Silent Film” was so much fun to make! Let us know what you think.

This is the intro audio visual presentation (AVP) for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, One Blogging Nation spot produced by WhenInManila.com

With nine days before the Philippine Blog Awards, we were contacted by their board to help out with the audio visual presentations. We of course, are YES MEN, and said YES! So here’s what we came up with in a rush.

2009 Philippine Blog Awards intro.

Thanks to my awesome team! We have not slept well in the past nine days but the positive reaction from the crowd totally made our hard work worth it! More to come! Thank you!

Oh and thanks to the following blogs or vlogs for letting us spoof them:

HappySlip by Christine Gambito – https://happyslip.com

Bagong Gising by Gabe Mercado – https://bagonggising.com

Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz – https://www.ourawesomeplanet.com

Bryan Boy – https://bryanboy.typepad.com


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