PetSnaps: Capture Picture Furfect Pics of Your Pets

There’s no denying how cute animals are— even more so if they’re your pets. That’s why we want photos of them to chronicle their growth, treasure our memories with them, and even see our pets at their silliest! And because we live in an Instagram-driven world, we definitely need to show the world their cuteness through these photos. That’s why some of us even have Instagram accounts exclusively for our pets!

I’m guilty of that— not gonna lie. My little Maltese pup Misua has one: @misuathemaltese!

However, my problem is that it’s hard to get her to sit still for that picture-perfect photo. Most of my camera roll shows a white blob for a dog, and it’s a one-in-a-million chance that I get a great pic of her— let alone one that has me in it. Thankfully, there are pet studios for that now (as extra as it sounds)!

PetSnaps Photo Studio is one of them. Located within Tiendesita’s, a place in Pasig City known by many as a pet haven, this shop recently opened in August, and trust me: they’re a fun place to get those pics!

Petsnaps 2

Established by a team of three – a commercial photographer and two pet-lovers – PetSnaps aims to capture furmily photos in the most natural way possible. That means less post-processing since all of their photographers are trained to take great photos without having to rely on editing aside from some small enhancements.

Don’t just limit yourself to furry pets, though. PetSnaps may be most known for taking photos of cats and dogs, but some clients have brought in hamsters, turtles, and even snakes! It’s a wild setup; but as long as they all fit, PetSnaps will definitely deliver.

In this studio, there are three setups to choose from: black, white, or gray. Their team of trained photographers will recommend a good spot depending on what can help bring out your pet’s best side, but you can still go round robin and try all three if you want.

Petsnaps 1

For example, I thought that Misua would look best in front of a black setup that contrasts with her white fur, but I was surprised when the photographers suggested putting her in front of a gray backdrop. The results were amazing!

Petsnaps 4

Aside from being trained to take photos, the PetSnaps team is also trained to handle pets. Their most chaotic shoot to date involved 10 dogs in 1 shoot! That included eight poodles and two Yorkies. If they can handle that; you bet they can handle yours, too!

And if your pets cannot be tamed, they suggest bringing the owner into the shoot, too! Misua, for example, just ran all over the place and it took a while to get her to stand on the box, so I held onto her for some great pics of us bonding! (Mom, you jealous?)

Petsnaps 6

While the photographer is busy clicking away, you can see the actual photos on a TV screen to your left in real time. And while most studios charge for using their space, PetSnaps only lets you pay for the photos you like!

Petsnaps 3

You can check out their packages on their Facebook page below!

As a first timer, what are the things you need? PetSnaps says you should bring their blanket, favorite toy, dog bed or cage (especially if you have more than one), treats, water (gotta stay hydrated!

), a pee pad or diaper, and wipes in case things get messy. You’re more than welcome to bring costumes and props, too, especially if you want a theme going on!

Aside from that, you’ll need to bring a USB to get your digital files. If you forget to bring one, though, don’t worry. They can always send the files via email, as well!

Petsnaps 5

Isn’t Misua just adorable?

The most important thing to remember, though? To have a good time and bond with your pet!

PetSnaps Photo Studio

CA53 Pet Village, Tiendesitas, Ortigas East, Pasig



Instagram: @petsnapsph