Pet Lovers Worldwide Mourn the Death of Beloved CARA Ambassadog Ginger

A week ago, we lost another beautiful soul. Her name is Ginger and she was 13 years old.

Ginger CARA Ambassadog - Photo from Eric Suguitan's Page

Beloved Ginger

For the past five years or so, she served as CARA Welfare Philippines Ambassadog. Together with her soul sibling Kimchi and human parents Eric and Thea, she went to schools and events to spread awareness of responsible pet ownership to the world.

Kimchi and Ginger, CARA Ambassadogs

Kimchi (left) and Ginger (right) are soul siblings.

Ginger and Kimchi during a school visit 2018

Pet lovers and animal welfare advocates would look forward to the visits of the sweet Ambassadogs.

Ginger and Kimchi during a school visit 2018

Ginger shares a unique story and bond with Kimchi who was rescued six years ago and adopted since by animal welfare volunteers. Ginger was aloof to other dogs yet when she saw Kimchi, she immediately took to him and assumed the role of a big sister and a guide dog. Kimchi is blind so this bond meant the world.

Their inspiring story has since gone viral in numerous local and international media sites. The video below has since been viewed over 2 million times.

With Ginger’s passing, all those whose lives she touched especially her human parents are devastated.

Ginger was our daughter. She was our firstborn, our unica doggie hija. She is our forever “Baby Girl”. Ginger particularly liked it (along with “Pretty Girl” when we called her that because she knew it was our way of “making lambing” to her. I love her probably even more than myself, maybe more than anyone else save for my wife. I always put her needs ahead of mine, and would spare no expense to keep her healthy. 13 years with her is a long time, but not nearly enough. Even 15, 20 years or more, would not be enough to spend with Ginger. She’s the prettiest, sweetest, most patient and obedient dog anyone could ever have. She’s the best daughter anyone could ever hope for. It pains parents when their child goes before them. This is how I feel. Ginger was our daughter, someone we loved more than ourselves.

Kimchi, Ginger’s best friend, and soul-sibling, and the one she lent her eyes to when we went out, misses her terribly. He’s been sad since Saturday and he seems to know something isn’t right. We try to console him and catch his attention with treats and hugs.

Thank you all for the love you had for Ginger. Please know that Ginger loved you all back. – Eric Suguitan, Ginger’s dad

Kimchi and Ginger with parents and friend

I will forever miss talking to her, showering her with kisses and hugging her. I miss her affectionate licks in the morning to greet us after waking up or when she sees me come into our room after work. I miss her excited bark when we arrive home from visiting my parents on a Sunday or when we come home from errands. I miss giving her treats.

Ginger was the ray of sunshine in our lives and our daughter. Missing you every day my dear sweet Ginger. You will forever be in my heart. I will always love you! – Thea Suguitan, Ginger’s mom

Remembering Ginger, CARA Ambassadog

We’ll miss you. Volunteering won’t be the same, but we know you’ll be with us at every event. Run free, Ginger. I know they’ve got all the treats for you up there. – Zelina Rae Danao, CARA Volunteer


I’ll be with you ’till the end.

There are many more tributes like this as Ginger was loved by many. As did I. For us, Ginger was not just a pet, she was a fellow volunteer, companion, and family member. It is never easy to lose a child of our soul.

We shall forever miss you, Ginger. Please say “hi” to our own furbabies beyond the rainbow bridge. Thank you for being such an awesome friend not just to Kimchi but to us all.

A memorial in honor of Ginger will be held on February 2 at UP Diliman. If you wish to attend, leave a message on Ginger and Kimchi’s Page.

For further reading on Ginger and Kimchi’s story, click here and here.

Photos are from Ginger and Kimchi’s Page and the Remembering Ginger shared album.