Permanent Blowout: Ladies, Here’s How You Can Achieve Natural-Looking, Frizz-Free Hair

Over the years, my hair had become really dry, frizzy, and, on some really bad days, just plain ghastly. I admit I might have neglected it; as someone who loves traveling, being outdoors, and the beach, I really didn’t do much to protect my hair from frequent sun exposure. I didn’t do regular hair treatments as well. My hair was just truly damaged.

KYIT7650My hair, dull and dry, before the Permanent Blowout

So when I heard of this salon treatment called Permanent Blowout, it really caught my interest. In a nutshell, the Permanent Blowout restores life into your hair, making it shiny and more manageable. And, more importantly, it gets rid of all your hair’s frizz while maintaining a natural-looking body to it. No stiff hair strands!

After learning about it, I quickly booked an appointment at Design Studio in Makati, which is the only salon in the Philippines licensed to perform this service. They’re also personally my favorite salon in the city—they did an amazing job when I wanted to try out being blonde a few years ago. The service there is top-notch.

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BJHG7193Design Studio’s establishment in Arnaiz Avenue, Makati (across Greenbelt)

How Permanent Blowout is done

First of all, do not confuse the two: Permanent Blowout is different from the Brazilian Blowout, the latter which you also might have heard of before. The Brazilian Blowout, though aims to do the same for your hair as the Permanent Blowout, contains an ingredient called Formaldehyde that can be harmful. The Permanent Blowout does not, which makes it obviously the better choice.

Once you’re at Design Studio, they will first do a strand test to see if your hair is strong enough for the service. This is standard and something they do for all clients and services they offer. If your hair is okay, they will then proceed with the first step of the Permanent Blowout.

QQJF5814Application of the first solution to fix the structure of the hair

They begin with applying the first solution, which fixes the structure of your hair. Then they iron your hair to help mold it, followed by the application of the second solution, which locks in the first steps. The last application is for the Keratin Hydrating Masque—the final step—that brings back the hair’s moisture. Overall, the whole service takes about 3-4 hours, with a lot of drying, washing, and blow drying in between. Patience is required, but the result will really be worth it.

GMKN7211Almost done! Blowdrying my hair after washing

The aftercare and result

After the service, a two-week care is required. It isn’t much though, in case you’re worried it might be a hassle. They just instructed me to refrain from tucking my hair behind my ears, tying it, or wearing a headband. You can’t soak your hair either for the first two days, and after that, shampooing should only be done every other day. But after a full month, you can resume to tying, styling, and even curling your hair. Also, the effects of the Permanent Blowout can last 8 to 10 months, and sometimes even longer.

Design Studio resultThe result: gorgeous, natural-looking straight and frizz-free hair

As for me, I saw the magic right after the amazing team of Design Studio declared my service officially done. It was so refreshing to see my hair frizz-free. It looked healthier, shinier, and felt so much softer and lighter, too. And now, almost a month after I got my Permanent Blowout, I love that it only continues to look better as it looks more and more naturally straight and frizz-free everyday.

ITUE4561My hair almost a month after the Permanent Blowout — looking healthier than ever.

Depending on the length of your hair, Design Studio’s Permanent Blowout can be worth around P5,000 to P8,500. For more info, you can check them out through the links below.

Would you try the Permanent Blowout? Tell us what hairstyle you want to achieve in the comments!

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