People are (literally) going crazy over this limited edition cat paw mug

If you’ve ever wanted to toe the line between chic and quirky, then Starbucks China’s new mug is exactly what you need in your arsenal. It’s cute, it’s pink, and it’s in the shape of cat paw — do I really need to say any more? Any true cat lady™ would be desperate to get their paws on it (forgive the pun).

cat paw mug

And that’s exactly what happened in China.

The marketing for the product went so viral that people were lining up in the early hours of the morning the day the mug went on sale. The first stock release was sold out in under a day in their physical stores. The remaining mugs were sold online and were completely wiped out in less than a second.

That wasn’t the only crazy thing about it. Fights were actually breaking out in multiple stores across China just so people could get their hands on the adorable mug. And I’m not talking about raised voices and high tempers, but actual physical fights took place. You can see in the video below customers resorting to manhandling, kicking, and even mobbing each other.

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Now, multiple resellers and scalpers have begun popping up all over the internet. What started out as a $30 mug has nearly tripled in value to $270! The mug is cute and all but honestly… I wouldn’t go to those lengths just for a cup.

How far would you go to get this limited edition mug?