Penshoppe Presents: IMPACT!


WHEN IN MANILA, people everywhere from tweens to teens to the working girls and boys want to be fashionable without having to sacrifice comfort.


Last May 26, I attended one of the shows people would literally shop till they drop for; Penshoppe presents IMPACT for the Philippine Fashion Week (thank you Candy!)



(With Candy’s Associate Fashion Editor, Ms. Sam Potenciano & Fashion and Beauty Assistant, Jed Gregorio)


Apart from Penshoppe’s star-studded list of endorsers, their Holiday 2012 Collection alone is enough to get the audience drooling all over the SMX Convention Center. Here are some of my favorite looks from Penshoppe’s IMPACT:




Photo Credit: Penshoppe


This has got to be the dream wardrobe of every girly girl out there. And who can blame them the dainty lace tops are adorable. The sun dresses are perfect for a lunch date with mom or a movie marathon with your high school friend. And those scallop shorts, those are to die for!

Checks & Splats


Photo Credit: Penshoppe


I’ve never been a fan of the plaid. I’ve always thought that checkered prints should only be used as a picnic mat. But as soon as I saw the models come out of the runway, I immediately fell head over heels with plaid and mentally noted to myself to grab one for my uncle.



Photo Credit: Penshoppe


I love bright colors. But I must admit half of my closet is filled with blacks and whites. Until the pink sequined top and the orange mullet skirt made its way into my heart and *ahem* into my closet.

Black & White 


Photo Credit: Penshoppe



Let’s face it, if all the guys in the world would dress like this, the ratio of men to women would be 1:23.

One thing that made Penshoppe’s show different to the others is their very special guests. And after the parade of beautiful and wonderstrucking clothes, Penshoppe’s endorser, Mario Maurer and Penshoppe’s muse, Leighton Meester made their special appearance in the runway. 




The crowd (including me) could not stop cheering upon seeing their favorite Thai actor and resident queen bee in person.




Isn’t she so pretty??


With all the beautiful clothes and well put outfits, Penshoppe’s Holiday 2012 Collection has definitely IMPACTed the Filipinos and showed them that there is indeed a way to look stylish without having to sacrifice comfort WHEN IN MANILA.


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