Stock Up on Pedigree and Whiskas With These 50% Off Discounts

We love our pets and always hope to give them the best, but let’s face it: if we could save money on the essentials to protect and nourish our furriends’ health, we’d definitely grab it. That’s why we’re here to share that Pedigree and Whiskas are currently offering 50% off discounts – only on Shopee’s 6.6 Mid-Year Sale! (You’re welcome.)

Don’t miss out on the following treats:

PEDIGREE DentaStix for Puppy

Pedigree Dentastix Toy Dog

Photo from Shopee

These daily puppy treats are essential in ensuring that your pup’s gums are always healthy. It has a gentle abrasive cleaning effect, made to fit with the oral structure of puppies as well as small, medium, and large dogs. It also helps to reduce tartar build-up, clean hard-to-reach teeth, and support gum health.

PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Roasted Beef Chunks and Roasted Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy

PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Roasted Chicken Liver Chunks in Gravy 80 g 24 Pouch

This dog food is good for skin health and will make your dog’s hair shine. It also helps to maintain good bone health, bone strength, and digestion.

WHISKAS Cat Food Dry Kitten Ocean Fish Flavor With Milk

Whiskas Junior Tuna Pouch

Photo from Shopee

WHISKAS dry cat food is complete and balanced, specially designed to fulfill your cat’s needs at any life stage.

Waiting for sales like this one and buying my dog’s favorite Pedigree treats on Shopee really makes for a sulit and rewarding experience.

So do what I do and take full advantage of this sale now!

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