PED XING XI: Conquering Independence

The term “independence” is often understood in the context of freedom from the influence of other countries in one state’s decision-making. While most recognized states today are necessarily free to decide upon their own domestic affairs, powerful states’ activities that reach across borders raise new questions of whether states are truly free. One need look no further than the Philippines, where despite a Constitution that vests sovereignty in the people and a long colonial history that forged a sense of national pride, independence continues to come under threat externally and internally. China’s expansionist designs have challenged UNCLOS rulings in favor of the Philippines over the contested Spratly Islands, while our own government’s inaction has forced thousands of Filipino citizens to the sidelines as Chinese migrant workers are prioritized in the job market. With a foreign juggernaut bearing down and a paralyzed government either unwilling or unable to take a clear stance, it is left to the citizens, especially the youth, to rewrite the nation’s story and continue to raise the banner of independence.

With this, the University of the Philippines Political Society (UP POLSCi) presents the eleventh Ped Xing: Politics 101 Camp, themed “Conquering Independence”. Open to all bona fide junior high school students, Ped Xing seeks to empower the youth through knowledge by introducing the discipline of Political Science as a lens through which to view salient social issues, particularly the current crisis of independence. To build the participants’ theoretical and critical foundations, a series of talks with accompanying breakout sessions will be held on the first day in order to introduce key concepts and give participants a background on the discipline.

The remainder of the event is dedicated to a series of competitive activities, namely an English and Filipino Essay Writing Contest, an Extemporaneous Speech Competition, an Asian Parliamentary Debate tournament, a Digital Poster Making contest, the much-anticipated Quiz Bee, and this edition of Ped Xing’s core activity, a Policy Making competition. The competitive events would provide avenues for participants to apply their learnings and current knowledge as well as continue to learn through new and engaging ways.

In sum, Ped Xing XI: Conquering Independence to equip participants with critical skills, empower them to take action beyond awareness, and leave them with a deeper understanding of the role political science has in the task of conquering independence.

This event is officially sponsored by Dental First, Inc., Play Nation, and Careline along with our official media partners DZUP 1602, Candy, and Ped Xing XI is done in partnership with UP Geographic Society, UP Economics Society, UP Pre-Medical Society, and UP Society of Industrial Designers, and is also brought to you by UP Debate Society, Thomasian Debaters Council, and FEU Oratorical and Debate Council.

Ped Xing XI: Conquering Independence will be held on January 18-19, 2020 at PH 400, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman. Visit their official Facebook page at

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