The Peanuts Cafe in Tokyo is a Must-Visit for Snoopy Lovers

Snoopy remains to be one of the most famous characters on the planet. With theme parks, merchandise, comic strips, and the newer Snoopy Museum – it’s no secret that the world can’t get enough of Charles Shultz’s Snoopy.

Well, tucked away in the beautiful and quiet neighborhood of Nakameguro Station in Tokyo, Japan hides the Peanuts Cafe. (Speaking of the Snoopy Museum, why not drop by while you’re in Tokyo? The exhibits will blow your mind away!)

Peanuts Cafe-Outside
The Peanuts Cafe is an absolute must-visit place for die­-hard Peanuts fans or Snoopy aficionados.

Peanuts Cafe-sign

You can’t just drop by and dine, though! Visitors are required to make online reservations through their official website (don’t worry, they have a reservation site in English, too!)

Aside from picking your choice of seating arrangement (I would personally recommend the second floor), you will also have to select a time slot to dine in since you’re only allowed to stay in the cafe for 90 minutes at most. Make sure to come early and bring a map, as well, since you might have a hard time finding the Peanuts Cafe at first.

Peanuts Cafe-me(That’s me! One happy kid right there!)

Thinking about what to do if you end up there too early? Don’t worry, the neighborhood of Nakameguro is whimsical and peaceful. The area is famous for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) during the spring, especially around the Meguro River:

Peanuts Cafe-Meguro RiverIsn’t that just gorgeous?

Nakameguro is also surrounded by little stores and tiny cafes – you’ll have fun exploring in peace and quiet…until your scheduled reservation in the Peanuts Cafe, that is! Once you enter the cafe, you’ll be welcomed by the kind staff and the beautiful interiors of the place. Just tell the staff the name under your reservation and you’re good to go!

To see what’s inside the Peanuts Cafe, go to page 2!