The Peanuts Cafe in Tokyo is a Must-Visit for Snoopy Lovers

Peanuts Cafe-interior

The first floor not only offers a dining space, but also sells exclusive merchandise like cookies (Snoopy’s favorite snack),

Peanuts Cafe- Snoopy Cookie

Peanuts Cafe- Assorted Cookies

Baking supplies, tissues, and more!

Peanuts Cafe- merchandise

Once you’re seated, you’ll notice all the Peanuts memorabilia all around you as you’re offered the menu.

Peanuts Cafe-reading area
Peanuts Cafe-decor
Peanuts Cafe-memorabilia
Peanuts Cafe -Woodstock Lights
Peanuts overload!

Peanuts Cafe- menu

Their menu is all in Japanese, so make sure you have the Google Translate app if you don’t speak the language (it translates in real time) or decide what to order in advance via their website.

Peanuts Cafe- placematAs you decide on what to order, the waitress will set the table for you.

Peanuts Cafe- platePeanuts Cafe tissue (with a comic strip inside), coaster, and plate (which I bought).

Of course, the Peanuts Cafe isn’t all about the aesthetics; it has great food, too!

Peanuts Cafe- Rootbeer FloatRoot Beer Float – Snoopy’s favorite drink (¥830/Php373);

Peanuts Cafe- saladShrimp and avocado salad (¥1,260/Php567);

Peanuts Cafe-pastaMeatballs with tomato sauce (¥1,260/ Php567);

Peanuts Cafe - Smores LatteBaked marshmallow latte (¥800/Php360);

Peanuts Cafe- SmoresThe “Beagle Scout” s’mores plate (¥1,680/ Php756)!

The food and drinks taste delicious while retaining their freshness and having a “healthy” feel to it. The Peanuts theme is placed subtly on their menu items, which comes off as elegant and not too overwhelming.

Peanuts Cafe-eating dining sign

With the classy feel of the restaurant and many photo opportunities, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. It’s the perfect place to go to for a date or for an afternoon to catch up with friends and family.

Peanuts Cafe

2-16-7 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

03-6452-5882 (Japanese only)


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