Peach Boy: Must-Try Lava Pancakes and More

I recently came across a post on Facebook that featured pancakes in seemingly rich cheesy sauce, and I just thought it would be another steaming discovery. I honestly never thought that lava pancakes could be a thing before Peach Boy.

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I thought ‘Peach Boy’ was a just fancy name for a restaurant located in Mandaluyong. It turns out it was actually inspired by Momorato, Japanese folklore that narrates the story of a boy found inside a large peach who eventually became a courageous hero.

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At 27, Peach Boy’s owner uses this metaphor for himself as he ventured into the food and restaurant business with a lot of drive and faith in his concept. The fusion of Hawaiian and Japanese dishes with American sandwiches and pastries, as well as a touch of novel food ideas, define Peach Boy.

Here is my personal foodie scale:

1 peach ?– I have tried this before.
2 peaches ??– I can probably try this next time.
3 peaches ???– Good. I would probably order this again.
4 peaches ????– Wow… Can I have more??
5 peaches ?????– Oh-my-goodness. I just forgot my name.

ube pancakes

Come on! Pancakes with a generous amount of rich, thick, and slightly steaming sauce? Yes, please! Now you get why they’re called lava pancakes.

Ube Lava Pancakes (Php195)

Ube pancakes drenched in halaya sauce. For fans of purple yam, this is for you. Take it from me.

 I give it 4 ???? peaches out of 5 – Wow… Can I have more, please?

bibingka pancake

Bibingka Lava Pancakes (Php195)

Pancakes topped with coconut and drenched in salted egg sauce. These are only available during the holidays, so watch out for them next Christmas!

I give it 5 ????? peaches out of 5 – Oh-my-goodness. I just forgot my name.

peach cobbler

Peach Cobbler (Php150)

Layers of butter streusels with peach compote served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, peach cobblers will never go out of style. I actually finished an entire cup. I had to indulge my sweet tooth! Please!

 I give it 4 ???? peaches out of 5 – Wow… Can I have more??

pork belly

Peach Pork Belly Sandwich (Php158)

Tender pork belly glazed with peach barbecue sauce, barbecue mayo, and peach salsa, served in banh mi bread. For the meat lovers, try their Peach Pork Belly Sandwich. Imagine sweet barbecued/inihaw pork belly in a sandwich topped with peach salsa and some mayo. I never thought pork inihaw could work so well in a sandwich. It’s my personal favorite.

I give it 4 ???? peaches out of 5 – Wow… Can I have more??


Sisig Fried Rice Omelette (Php215)

Two eggs stuffed with crispy pork sisig fried rice served with sisig mayo. Omurice is quite popular in other Japanese restaurants in the Metro. Well, Peach Boy has a selection of omurice with a personal touch. The Sisig Fried Rice shouldn’t be missed, either.

I give it 3 ??? peaches out of 5 – Good. I would probably order this again.


Laing Pesto with Tinapa Pasta (Php143)

Spaghetti noodles with coconut stewed gabi leaves pesto topped with tinapa flakes. Yes, Peach Boy also mixes Filipino flavors into their dishes. The Laing Pesto with Tinapa Pasta is a good deal.

I give it 4 ???? peaches out of 5 – Wow… Can I have more??


Peach Salad (Php175)

Mixed greens tossed in peach and honey vinaigrette, tomato, cashews, and peach slices. At the end of the course, I had the Peach Salad. It had just the right amount of vinaigrette with a hint of peach to it. It was just enough to cleanse my palate as I started with the sweets, then the meat, and then the carbs.

I give it 3 ??? peaches out of 5 – Good. I would probably order this again.


I’ll definitely be back on another Sunday morning!

Peach Boy Restaurant

G/F NORKIS Building, 11 Calbayog Cor. D.M. Guevara St. Barangay, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong



Instagram: @peachboyph

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