Pet Supplies in Manila: Dog & Cat Treats Plus More at Paws N Fins

I came across a wonderful online store for pet goodies and all your basic pet necessities that goes by the name Paws N Fins owned by Tammy, a young professional turned entrepreneur. Just like us, Tammy is a hardworking and pet-loving individual. When she gets tired after long and stressful days, she is happy to have her pets to ease the stress.

As a pet owner of 13 different breeds of dogs (good thing QC’s 4 pets policy was declared null and void), a bunch of cats and couple of fish, it has been a regular task for her to buy their needs in bulk for convenience. This is how it all started: she thought of sharing these sweet treats to her friends and then orders came in and the rest is history. Think about hassle-free online transactions delivered right to your doorstep. 



Bubbles, an English bulldog enjoying her bone dental chew.

Luckily, we were given a chance to try out some of their products for dogs. We first tried their Tropiclean shampoo and deodoriser which comes in different varieties: Puppy, Berry, Neem, Awapuhi, Aloe and Oatmeal.Our dogs enjoyed the relaxing fruity scent of Berry. 



Bochog before taking a bath.


Bochog before taking a bath.


It is soap-free and deeply cleanses with Vitamin E for a shiny coat for only Php220 per 236ml bottle. 


Bochong taking a bath using Tropiclean Berry variant.


We also tried the Play Pet shampoo and conditioner for all types of dogs and cats for ages 6 weeks and up. Bubbles, our English bulldog, loves it and we love it, too. What we noticed is that, unlike other brands, it does not have any strong scent of chemicals in it.


Bubbles enjoying Play Pets.


After giving them baths and grooming them with the easy-to-use nail clipper from Carrefour, we brushed them with the fur brush which removes any unwanted fur. 



Bochog using the fur brush. 


Easy-to-use Nail Clipper.


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