QC’s ‘Four Pets Per House’ Policy Declared Null and Void

QC Residents May Soon Be Allowed to Keep Up to Four Pets Only


In what may possibly be the country’s shortest ordinance, an ordinance pushing for Quezon City residents to only four pets has now been repealed, after a new ordinance was passed and approved where the provision on the limit was not included.

In the proposed ordinance, Quezon City residents who have more than four pets will need to pay a P500 special permit needed by commercial breeders, traders, and trainers. There are also other requirements like vaccination and space for the animals. On top of that, owners must pay existing fees, like registering their pets at the city veterinarian (with a charge of P200 per pet when they reach three months), and an anti-rabies vaccination. Violation of this ordinance, if passed, will result in a fine of P2,000, or have their pets confiscated and their permit revoked.

The ordinance was proposed to limit rabies cases, where Quezon City had the highest number. But this was met by criticism from users online, who suggested it was a moneymaking scheme. This was denied by city veterinary services division head Ana Marie Cabel, who said:


It’s fine with me if we don’t charge for the [special] permit [required of trainers and breeders.] We just need to issue permits so we can check if the owner is complying with vaccination and space requirements.


The new ordinance, called Ordinance 2389, does not have the provision on limiting pets. According to Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, the new ordinance follows the city’s veterinary code. And according to Section 68 of the code, “all ordinances, issuances, rules and regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this Code are hereby repealed, amended, rescinded or modified accordingly.”

However, it may still be incorporated in the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) if the city veterinarian office pushes for it.


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