QC Residents May Soon Be Allowed to Keep Up to Four Pets Only

QC Residents May Soon Be Allowed to Keep Up to Four Pets Only


If you’re a pet lover and you live in Quezon City, you might want to read this. Ordinance No. 2386, written by Councilors Raquel Malañgen and Jessica Castelo Daza, may allow residents to own up to four pets only per household. The ordinance aims for “comprehensive animal regulation and control in Quezon City.”

It also aims to address the rising number of animal bites in the city, and “zoonotic diseases” that get transferred from pet to human like salmonella and ringworms. Quezon City is one of the places in the National Capital Region consistently high in positive rabies cases.

However, the pets are limited to cats and dogs. Domesticated animals that are “not space consuming” like fish and lovebirds, can go up to 30 per household.

Residents who have more than four pets will need to secure the P500 special permit needed by commercial breeders, traders, and trainers. There are also other requirements like vaccination and space for the animals. According to the ordinance, the space depends on the pet’s size. For cats and dogs, the size is usually between 12 and 24 square feet.

Aside from these requirements, they must also meet existing requirements like registering their pets at the city veterinarian (with a charge of P200 per pet when they reach three months), and an anti-rabies vaccination.

Those who violate this ordinance can be fined up to P2,000. Their pets may also be confiscated, or their permits revoked.


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